Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Miss Fit Skinny Tea - first impression

Miss Fit Skinny Tea 

My thoughts and review 

Hi you guys, 

Today I want to talk about this tea detox I came across recently. It's called Miss Fit Skinny Tea, it's an Irish brand which is a plus (love supporting Irish brands) I got it one week ago and have been drinking it since. Here are my thoughts :) 

General facts and questions about the tea 


I got the 14 day teatox one for €24.99 currently and the strawberry infuser for €5 PLUS I had a 20% discount code which was great :) ( a 28 day teatox is also available) 


The first question that I wanted answer was taste, I personally think it's very personal for each person but this is what I think. It is not bad at all, very sweet I would say, I like it. 


I must say it's very cute and appealing to the eye. The tea infuser is just too cute ha ha they are super popular for tea lovers, I also have a pear shaped one ha ha so have two now. The tea comes in a handy close up bag. Be nice if they also had a shaker ( but that's just me, I am slightly obsessed with shakers ha ha ) but over all great look of the brand. 

The ingredients 

Goji Berry - I spotted they right away small little red berries, great overall snack to have. Full of great qualities for the body, they are high in vitamin C, fiber and low in calories. 

Lotus leaf- is great to help with weight loss problems, said to help body turn fat into energy.

Chamomile- which I love taking on its own as a tea is great for night time, it relaxes and provides a great night sleep. 

And other ingredients such as fennel, rhubarb root, lemongrass ect. 

My results

The company advertises that it is laxative free and fine to be taken with the contraceptive pill. Also that it burns fat, boosts metabolism, increases energetic and suppresses appetite. 

It is only early days but I am loving it, taste is great and I don't feel bloated at all. Which is one issues I always struggle with. 

I love drinking it in the morning, lunch and bed time because the great thing is once you fill up your strawberry infuser you can reuse it up to four times, so I just bring the infuser with me and it's ready to be used again. 


I must say I am very pleased with buying this tea, definitely buy more when I am finished with batch. Might give it a week or two break in between from taking it as it's not an everyday tea. Will post an update for you guys, in the mean time have a look at their website and fell free to leave me a comment with any queries if I didn't answer them here. 

                            Make sure to follow Miss Fit Skinny Tea on various social media, links below. 

                                                                   Thanks, talk soon xoxo 

Website: www.missfitskinnytea.ie 
Twitter: @mfskinnytea 


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