Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Money problems

Money does hold you back, and of course as everyone would say....The best things in life are FREE...and I agree its just when you try and do something you...
Need to spend money to make money right?

I need a job and I guess I'm not trying hard to find one, but there is nothing, and I guess I'm scared at applying myself to new things, I'm scared I wont succeed, scared someone will give out to me.

Anyway I'm trying my best guys to get videos your way, with what I have! September GlossyBox coming :D
Woop woop...


Love yourself for who you are

Sunday, 2 September 2012

August GlossyBox

Hey guys,
here is my August Glossy box review.

YouTube link to video: #part ONE#
                                   #part TWO#
And here are the pictures :) enjoy...
Link to GlossyBox website:

Product list and description. 

 Vera Valenti, eyeshadow
palette. link:

Link to Alessandro products:

Exclusive GlossyBox product :)

A very wearable lipstick colour :)

Hope this helps :) Thank you for stopping by xxx


Hi everyone :)
My YouTube account is up and running with one video up.
Forgot to do an intro video so ill get to that now.

Link to channel:

If you have any video suggestions please comment here and ill get to them :)

Thank you xx

My AUGUST favourite video pictures :)

Hi guys,
here are the pictures so you can see them in more detail, please ask any question if you have any about the products :)
Love Kayli xx

Got this from Boots, price range about €5, Love it, stay tuned for the video demo on the product.

Got it in my Glossy Box August box, love it, price rage €7, link to their website:

Link to Essence website:

Great for people with oily skin, €6.99, great product, website link:

Hope it helps, here is the YouTube video: