Saturday, 23 May 2015

My favorite leg stretches for injury recovery


My favorite leg stretches  

Hi guys,

created a short video clip of me at the gym this morning doing some stretches. I am cyrrently suffering with a leg injury and finding stetching extreamly important for my recovery.

I always start off with a forward stretch, grabbing my toes and leaning forward. It's ok if you can't reach your toes as long as you bend your back forward and drop your head to also stretch the back.

I then want to stretch my thigh so I bring my leg back, close to my side and lean forward but then also backwards leaning back on my forearms.

I love using a resistance band; here I wrap it around my foot and pull it towards me while my foot is pressing against it.

This was just a short video.Wanted to see what the quality was like with my new camera, what you guys think?

Would you like to see more videos??

Talk soon xox 

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