Monday, 11 May 2015

Asics gel-cumulus 16 fluidride runners - review

Asics Fluidride 

runners -  review 

Hi guys, 

today I bring you finally the review of these runners by Asics. 

It you don't know I have been training to run the Waterford Viking marathon this summer; I got these runners at the start of the year and have been wearing them since, so about 5 months now. 

I started running (as a sport you may say) last year, to participate in the charity run in my city. For that training I wore a pair of Nike runners, that my father bought for me. I did like them and still have them but I felt I should invest in a "good" pair, a pair athletes generally would go for and that is by the Asics brand. 

So I splashed out and got these for €130 from Alfie Hale sports. These particular ones are the gel-cumulus 16 fluidride. The colour pattern is pink, orange and blue. 

They have many types of runners, each with a unique feature. The sales man told me that these are great if you have knee problems (which I do) as they have added support. 

"FluidRide– The latest evolution in Asics midsole technology, FluidRide provides the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties with reduced weight and exceptional durability. This material will be found in most newer, high end models of both Structured Cushioning and Cushioned models" 

How do they feel when running?

Its weird, their slightly heavy, Nike do many running shoes which are extremely lightweight. But then the weird thing is I feel I'm running on air. I think it's the cushioned part at the heel that allows me to bounce while I run, but I do be happy when I take them off as I feel my feet are kinda sore. Your foot stability in them is great, it gives me great ankle support and do not hurt me while I run, feel like I did not have to brake them in. 


I am all about packaging and appearance when it comes to products, so same goes for my runners. I have always been a Nike chic, love everything Nike. So it was a real push to buy a pair by Asics, but everyone says they are great if you want to run on a daily and semi professional way ha ha which I'm not.
I do like the color pattern, I seen nicer ones but the sports shop only had a few in the fluidride type. 


I actually got a size UK7 European 40.5 and US 9, which is very unusual, as I am a size UK6. I did try the six, six and a half but were both tight around the width. 

Worth the money

Hmm still undecided, I don't feel they were a waste of money, but their not as good as I was hoping. As I am looking for a new pair of runners; but that's just me, can't stay with something for too long, I get board quickly ha ha 
But they are good runners, barely see the use on them, as with my knee problem I generally consume shoes fairly fast. 
You can definitely buy a pair of Asics during sales or at a cheaper price range. 

I think that is all for my review of these runners. Please feel free to leave me a comment if I didn't answer one of your questions. 

Talk soon

Kayli xox 

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