Tuesday, 4 August 2015

MAC Wash & Dry Collection 2015

M.A.C. Wash & Dry 

What I got from the collection 

Hi you guys, 

Today I wanted to post my full wash & dry collection that MAC launched this summer 2015, show you guys what I picked up and how I have been getting on with the products. If your interested keep on reading.

I got my few bits from Brown Thomas (BT2) Mac counter in Dublin (sadly no Mac counter where I live, maybe that's a good thing ha ha ) I first picked up the bronzer so I might as well review that first. 

So this is the bronzing powder in Matte Bronze, I first thought it was very dark but still wanted to pick it up as I could definitely work with it and use a light hand when apply it, but it's super soft on the face. I go very heavy with the brush and does not cake my face or look "too much" at all, definitely easy to work with compared to Urban Decay bronzer which is super pigmented ha ha. 

This is the brush I use with it, it's the Real Techniques retractable bronzer brush, this is currently my third one, yes your reading it correctly ha ha I keep ruining them when washing them and their not nice any more, plus they are always on offer in my local chemist so can't go wrong really for great quality brushes. These plus Mac brushes are my absolutely favorite to use, can't beat quality. 

Next is the brush, the Mac 126 SE the split fiber large face brush. I actually picked this up in Italy. I had first seen it in Dublin and really wanted it but didn't get it in the end, so when I seen it in the Mac shop in Italy (plus it was pay day) I said why not?! Ha ha 

And sadly I did not use it yet, did not find a use for it, anyone that has it what do you use it for? LEAVE ME A COMMENT. 

Next up are the highlighter and blush. I picked up the high-light powder in Freshen Up and powder blush in Hipness. I absolutely love their blushes, always did so that was a must. I picked the highlight because the gold shimmer was only on top as I had seen in other review of it, so I knew I could actually use it as a blush too. 

Next up are the lipsticks I got, I picked up 3 of them. I might mention that because I don't have a Mac store close to home, there was only some items left from the collection and as you guys know the favorite products always sell out first. But I am still delighted with what I managed to get my hands on. 

I got in order as of you see in the picture left from right, Tumble Dry a lustre lipstick. Morange which is an amplified creme and Steam Heat in a satin lipstick. I have been wearing nearly everyday the first one, Tumble Dry, glides on and easy to wear everyday not a strong pigmented color. 

I wore morange too and took a picture that night I will show below...

I must say I really like all of them, of course I will only use the red and orange one when I go out on a date or night out but still so beautiful. 

That is it for this blog post, hope you enjoyed it. Did not post this to brag about what I got but share it with you guys and give you my opinion on the products. I can't recal all the prices so that is why I didn't post them plus the collection is over now and unavailable.

Talk soon xox 

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