Sunday, 19 October 2014

Run for Life 2014 - Spirit Running Group

Run for Life 2014 -  Spirit Running Group

 In aid for the Solas Center Waterford 


Hi guys,

I know it has been a long time since I posted a new piece on my blog.What better post to write then to talk about my charity run I completed on the 5th of October Sunday 2014.

I have been super busy with college (as it is my final year) and work. But no excuse!!

So here are a few pictures you might like to see :) of the day of the run!
I had lucky number 488. Below I show my time and position. 

Here I am in the city center warming up with everyone doing the run. It was 10 miles which is 16 km. I had been training with Spirit Running Group (Spirit is the gym I go too). The first picture was of all of us together before the run. 

There was runners, joggers and walkers. I also seen a few dogs with their owner doing it too. 

I had a sponsorship card, which everyone got in order to raise money for the charity. I thank my family and friends who helped me raise €79. Thank you very much. 

I previously wrote a post about this run I was going to do, which you can read here :

From joining this club I made many new friends. Was a great experience and happy I did it. The group is still going, with thoughts of doing a half marathon. 

The run itself was very hard. I had high and low moments. I remember even crying ha ha ha. I ran it on my own as I lost people and just went at my own pace. But I had my mam at the finish line waiting for me and cheering me on. 

I had my boyfriend also who was out cheering me. And everyone one else, who were passers by or part of the run as people who had control over the streets and safety for the runners. There was also pit stops with people giving out water and orange pieces.

I completed the run in 1 hour and 47 minutes. My goal was 1 hour and 40 but thats just the way it goes. 
I was just happy I managed to completed it and I can finally tick it off my bucket list.

Thank you guys for supporting me and visiting my blog.
Means a lot to me.

See you soon with a new blog post featuring Skinny Minnies and Vain Train :)

Talk soon xox 

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