Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Vain Train Haul - Christmas Gift Ideas

Vain Train

Gym & Casual wear

My haul -  come and see what I got!! Get some gift ideas for this Christmas :)!! 

Hi guys, 

I have been so excited to show you all my goodies from Vain Train ( website link: http://vaintrain.co.uk/ ).

I previously wrote a post about them (Link to post: http://mollyvkayli.blogspot.ie/2014/02/vain-train-gym-wear.html ) showing you the fab top I won, that it their most popular one as it was seen on Vicky G Shore. 

She is still a huge fan of Vain Train and has most of the gear I will show you. 

I wanted to first thank the team at Vain Train for the great service as per usual. Great speedy delivery.

May I mention a disclaimer that they did not pay me to write this post, I want to show you what they sell and what I think about their gym clothes. 


Above are my three stringer vets all in size "small". 

The white one "sex, weights & protein shakes" was my first item from Vain Train. It cost £19.99.

The company is UK based, hence the £ pound symbol.  I use a currency converter to find out how much an item is, if not when I pay with Pal Pal at the end, it will tell me the amount in €. 

I paid around £7 for postage. If you live outside the UK or Ireland, simply drop them a message to find out could they do shipping to your location. 

This is their newly launched top. £19.99. Comes is white, black or pink. (Direct link to it : http://vaintrain.co.uk/ladies-range/ladies-stringer-vests/ladies-love-squats-stringer.html ) Because every girl should <3 squats !!! ha                                                                 

Crops Tops

These are their crop tops, cost £14.99, come in various colors. I got black and neon pink. Super soft material + fit great. I got a small as I am not big chested. ( I wear a size 34B in bra if you want to try and find a size suitable for you) Its fits perfectly but with enough stretch to put it over my head. 




Below are the shorts I have. There are two types the hot pink ones
are lycra material £12.99 super cute and match the crop top. (P.S. 
they come in various colours)

The others are micro shorts for £14.99, these are my absolute favorite. The have two pockets and an inside one too, very handy to put your phones while you listen to music working out!! 

As you can see I have them in two colours. I got them in a "medium" size
I have wide hips but these fit very comfy. I would usually be a
size 8/10 UK.


Here are their new leggins (as seen on Vicky G Shore) a must for anyone hitting the gym. I love them because they keep you warm, especially as its getting cold. They would be great to go out running with. The pink and black ones are in a size M, but the black and grey are in S. Now they both fit as you can see, its just the M is more my size. The material is elastic thats why the S fits me. 

These cost £19.99, and also come in purple and black. 


This particular hoody is under the mens range. I got it in small size. 
You can get the matching bottoms for it, and buy it as a set for £69.99.


I bought this for £34.99. They also have a black tracksuit ladies set for £69.99 great for a casual wear.

Anyone who knows me, will know I live in hoodies ha ha. This is a perfect one, the hood is a nice size and great quality.

Hope you liked this post and maybe spotted something you might like.
Don't forget they have a mens range of clothing too! 
All the items are of great quality, wash + iron great!!

Make sure to follow them on the various social networks :) 
Always running Giveaways for you guys! 

Talk soon xox

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Twitter: @VainTrain1
Instagram: @ vaintrain

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