Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Recovery smoothie: great post-workout drink!

Recovery Smoothie

Great post-workout smoothie

Hi guys,

today I bring to you an easy smoothie recipe which is packed with essential nutrients perfect for after a workout. 

Now I personally love smoothies, they are so easy to make as you pop everything into a blender and your done. They are also great to get your daily intake of fruit if you dont like eating it whole. During summer time I eat huge amounts of fruit and love getting a smoothie to cool me down and at the same time fill me up, great snack. 

This particular smoothie can be made into a protein one by not putting in the amino powder supplement but pure protein like my favorite Skinny Minnies Meal times (Can buy them from here:
 http://www.skinnyminniessupplements.co.uk/meal_time.html ) 

Ingredients: 2 peaches 
                    1 mango 
                    5 tbsp of natural yogurt 
                    1 tbsp of chia seed 
                    Acai berry drink (as much as you desire) 
                    1 scoop of Amino powder (mine is by BSN, can find here: http://www.bsnonline.net/info/aminox.html)

I love any type of fruit but peaches especially (apart from strawberries being my no.1 favorite) are my favorite. 

Healthy facts about Peaches: 

1. they make you feel full, stopping you from over eating 
2. rich in antioxidants 
3. keeps skin healthy 

Healthy facts about Mangos:

1. helps burn calories 
2. full of vitamin A great for the care of your eyes 
3. contains enzymes that break down protein helping with digestion 

Here are other ingredients I like to use, of course all optional as they may not be to everyone's taste.      

I like to use yogurt to make it creamy, any type is fine maybe something fat free. The next two items Acai berry and Chia Seed I will talk about down below.    The Skinny Minnies meal time you can read about in many other posts I have about the brand and products, and further down I will talk about BSN Amino powder I love to take

Chia Seed

I can not remember how I came across this product, guess I seen someone I follow on Instagram use it and said I would have to give it a try. (My Instagram name @mollygabri10)

Facts about this seed: 

1. rich in omega-3 fatty acid 
2. high in fiber 
3. contains calcium for strong teeth and bones 

I find you can use Chia seed for anything, in your smoothie, make a "risotto" dish or sprinkle over cereal. A must have in my kitchen. 

Acai Berry

Next product the Acai berry, this is a drink version I found out from Rener Gracie who I follow on Instagram. He swears by it ha ha ha people who know him will agree with me; he has the frozen berry version. I must say was hard to find Acai in my town, got this in Holland and Barrett for €2.99, if not they had a powder version but at €27 (crazy money). 

Benefits of Acai berry:

1. give you an energy boost
2. high in vitamin C 
3. helps detoxify body 

BSN Amino X

I got the opportunity to try this product before I bought the big tub as I got a sample one it when I bought from a website online and I got the Blue Raz flavor too. I purchased this off Bodyfirst (direct link:  http://bodyfirst.ie/product/bsn-amino-x-blue-raz )

I did not try it with water, I prefer mixing it with my smoothie. The sample I first got, I made a banana smoothie with it. 

Benefits of Amino X:

1. caffeine free
2. provides recovery from training session 
3. ingredients are micronize, allowing quick body absorption  

"Amino X is designed to support: Protein Synthesis / Anabolism, Glycogen Re-synthesis, Insulin Sensitivity, Anti-Catabolism / Muscle Sparing, Recovery from Training Sessions, Muscular Endurance, and Resistance to Muscular Fatigue"


So get all them ingredients, blend them with ice and enjoy!! :) 
Hope you liked this post, till next time;

Talk soon xox 

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