Monday, 28 July 2014

10K Fun Run

Running club 

Build up to 10K fun run for charity 

Hi guys, 

quick post. I officially joined my gyms running club and tonight we had our first running session. 

I am building up to participate in the 10K fun run for cancer. The Solas center in my home town helps people in facing cancer and the mental side of dealing with cancer and giving support. 

Will leave link to their website:

As ye know its something I wanted to do and finally things are in motion. 

Today we did a 3.5km run, was hard but I didnt stop once always jogging or walking to keep up. 

Next session is Wednesday, I'll see will I get a session in myself tomorrow as Thursday I am leaving for Italy to go over and see my dad. 

Hope to keep the good work up, or at least fit and active in any way possible. 

Great group of people, was lovely to partake. 

Bring it on... 

Talk soon xox 

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