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Recipe ideas with Skinny Minnies Meal Time protein powder

Skinny Minnies Meal Time 

Recipe ideas to use protein powder

Hi guys,

Today I bring to you 5 easy ways to use your protein powder. Does not have to be this brand can be any type of protein you may use. Of course the recipes can be modified to your taste. 

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It can be boring trying to take your daily intake of protein especially if they are not a nice as these ones by Skinny Minnies (taste amazing!!) so here are a few ideas to make them more appetizing.

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1. Protein Muffins

First idea is making protein muffins that are made with fat free light ingredients.

Ingredients list: -3 large eggs
                       -3 tbsp of oil (whatever type of oil you like using, I used sunflower)
                       - 1/4 cup of cream
                       - 5 scoops of protein powder (used 2 meal times) vanilla
                       - 2 tsp baking powder
                       - 1/3 cup brown sugar (If I make them again I would use more)
                       - 1 cup of blueberries (or anything you would like to mix in)
                       - 1/2 cup fat free cream cheese

You need to per-heat your oven, mine is fan operated and I know how hot it gets so I had mine at about 250 degrees.

You want to also line a muffin tin or get cases to put the mixture in, this amount of mixture made exactly 12 muffins. 

Start off with mixing your eggs with oil, cream, sugar and baking powder in a bowl.

Add in your powder...


Then the cream cheese...

Blend it all, till its nice and smooth. Add as many of the blueberries as you like :)

And bake for about 15-20 mins till golden brown on top. I like to stick a skewer in and if it comes out clean you know its done.

2. Protein rice cake

Next recipe is rice cakes, which can be made and usually are with Rice Krispies but I didnt have them at home so used what I had; which is what it is all about using what you have in your home. No need to spend mad money on products. 

Ingredients list: - 1 1/2 cup of rice krispies or any type of puffed rice 
                       - 1 1/2 tbsp of honey 
                       - 2 tbsp of butter (low fat is better) 
                       - 1/2 cup of oatmeal
                       - 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 
                       - 2 scoops of protein (one meal time) vanilla 

Start off by per-heating you oven to about 240 degrees (again regulate according to your oven) and line a baking try about medium size.

Mix in all of the ingredients into a bowl and place in tray. It is very easy, especially as I dont like spending time in kitchen ha ha ha. 

Bake for about 10-15 minutes, I found it couldn't cool properly so I could then cut it so I placed the mixture on baking paper and rolled it and placed it in the fridge. 

Took it out and cut slices, was very yummy and a great way to have a chocolate bite of delight without indulging with the calories. 

 3. Protein yogurt

Next is not really a recipe but an idea to use your protein up. I have been loving mixing Greek style yogurt (fat free is better) and my protein and topping it off with fruit.

Simple and delicious...

4. Milkshake 

Next is simply having the protein on its own with low fat milk or water, depending on taste. I especially love and trust this particular brand. 

5. Protein Smoothie 

The next way and my favorite is mixing in protein into your smoothie.Can add anything at all, like your favorite fruit and yogurt, the choice is endless...

Here are some of my smoothies including the green "hulk" smoothie which has spinach in it.

Hope you guys found this interesting, please let me know if you try any of the ideas. 

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