Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wednesday Workout: Kettlebell

Kettlebell full body workout 

My two favorite exercises


Hi guys, 

for today's Wednesday workout segment I bring to you two very easy but effective exercises to do with a kettlebell (can also be done with any type of weight, easy enough to hold and have a good grip of as you will be lifting it high up)

There are many exercises that can be done but these are my favourite to do, easy to incorporate into any workout routine. 

The weight I am using is 9kg, you want something challenging but not too heavy as you swing the bell in the first exercise (easy to loose grip or cause injury) 

You cant see but in the second (middle picture) the bell is about eye height, my arms are out and fully extended infront of me. 

You want to start off with the bell in the middle of your legs and swing it in front of you. 

I also incorporate a squat while doing it, to target my lower body and also upper body. 

Here is a side view. Remeber to keep your back straight and no arching in anyway, may not feel sore at the time but in the long run your back will be sore and damaged. 

Next exercises is a back leg lunge meaning instead of putting your leg forward you bring it back. 

So start off with the kettlebell on one side of your leg, holding it in one hand. 

Bring one leg back in lunge position and bring the kettlebell under your leg and into your other hand. 

Repeat this by bring it under each leg each time. 

Here is a side view; found it hard to keep my balance (more you practise the more you will get better FACT) 

Hope you liked this post and that you give it a try next time you are at the gym! 

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Thank you til next post, 

Talk soon xox 

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