Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wednesday Workout: Sandbag Routine

Fitness sandbag routine 

Great for arms and legs 


Hi guys, 

for today's Wednesdays Workout segment I bring to you this exercise you can do with a sandbag. 

I was getting board in the gym and decided to use a sandbag seen as it was there with all the equipment. 

This particular one 15kg is the lightest one they have, the other one is 20kg. I was fooled in thinking it was light because I found it heavy the first time I used it. 

Getting easier to manage and I say this because when you do this exercise you also need balance and its hard to do if the bag is heavy and tilting you to one side. 

Anyway let's get into the move itself..

Start off with the bag in front of you, bend down being mindful of your back and not bending it while lifting. NB always keep a straight back! 

From there lift it straight up against your chest, here is where it will work your arms. 

Then the fun part, going into a lunge position. You take the bag to one side and bring the opposite leg bag and squat   down into it. 

Repeat this on either leg, but one at a time. When you did one, bring bag back to front position, bring up to chest and then to opposite leg. 

Hope you liked this post. Was thinking for the next Wednesdays workout post could be with kettlebells ?! 

Talk soon xox 

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