Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday Workout: Back Exercises

Back exercises 

To improve back muscles and pain! 


Hi guys, 

Today for Wednesday Workout I wanted to focus on the back area. 

I have been suffering lately with back pain caused from when I worked in a store as I lifted a lot of boxes daily. 

But apart from that I need to build muscle in my back as I walk a lot and need support as I am on my feet a lot. 

These exercises like any should be done with caution. I know what it feels to have a sore back and it's not fun, at times it helps to take pain killers and heat patches but we want to try and fix the problem not cover it. 

I am always consulting with my doctor and I would advise you do too if you have sever back pain. 

That said let's get into the exercises! 

1. Cat curl (Love making up names ha ha ha )

These exercises should be carried out slowly and deliberately. If you have any pain while doing them adjust the way you do them and do not force any movement if your body does not allow you too. 

Start by going on all fours and arching you back in and out as you can see from the above picture,. Lift your head while bending in and the opposite while bending down and up.

I find it good to tense your stomach when you bend up and the opposite for when you arch your back. 

Repeat 10 times!


 2. Full body stretch

Here you want to stretch one arm out while stretching the opposite leg out. Repeat 10 times while alternating the arm and leg. 

3. Arm swing

This exercise yo want to do 5-1o times on each arm. Simply get one arm bring it in under your chest as far as you can extend it and then swing it out and try and reach back as far as you can. 

4. Yoga stretch

Sit back on your haunches; lower your body forward and lay out as far as you can with your arm elongated out in front of you. 

While your roll back up, take your time and feel your spin curl back up and straighten in starting positing. Repeat 10 times.

5. Side arm swing

Here you need to rotate your arm, neck and head all in one direction first left then right, feeling the bend in your lower back. I would suggest repeating this 10 times. Trying to go back as far as you back, it helps to look back across your shoulder.

 6. Hip bend

Start with your feet hip width apart, hands on hips. Bend slowly to the left and then slowly to the right. Do not tilt forward. Repeat 10 times.

 7. Arm swinging

Start off with your arms loosely by your side. Raise both arms forward, upwards backwards and sideways in a circular motion; as if you tried to make a circle with your arms. Repeat 10 times going in both directions once start off going clock wise then anti clock wise.

 Finish off with a nice whole body stretch

It's important to mind your body and not cause any unnecessary damage or injury when performing any time of exercise. I know how it feels to be in pain and especially having back pain. 

I would recommend taking time out of your day and just do these exercises every single day, it doesn't take more than 10 mins to do. 

I have seen great results and no more back pain for me!!

Talk soon xox

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