Monday, 16 June 2014

Body Monday: Boost & Burn

What I use to to keep alert and active 

Lets burn fat!

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Today for Body Monday wanted to bring you an other post about supplements I use and what I think about them and if they work.

Supplements I feel have a bad connotation attached to them, and just seen as pills and very unknown by people.

I can say I was the same and still would be nervous about certain supplements; most important thing to me is where they are from and what do they contain.

I would NOT suggest you buy "pills" online from certain suppliers like Ebay and unknown and not secure websites.  It is not worth the risk.

Lets get started...

This particular one is from the company Skinny Minnies (Link to buy them: which I use.

I particular like these ones because they are made of 200mg caffeine anhydrous which is just dehydrated caffeine so in tablet form like it is; which gives you a burst of energy when taken. 

This is particularly true for this supplement by Skinny Minnies, I take two 45 mins prior to my workout as a result they just give me loads of energy to perform longer and harder in the gym. 

Like anything these may not be suitable to you, some people can not tolerate caffeine even in small amounts and the other thing is people who take it on a regular basis and then stop may see symptoms like headaches. 

I personally feel this supplement only helps me in the gym and does not help in weight loss but do not mind as it does one thing I want and helps me perform better in the gym. 

It also contains small amounts of L-Carnitine which is beneficial for those who exercise frequently.  Helping to make fatty acids available as an energy source for muscles, as well as aiding fat metabolism. It is also thought to support recovery after exercise; but this supplement has small amounts.

I do not want to get too technical about this, the main point is I find this product really helps me be more active and have more energy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for that.  I do not feel it burns fat like other fat burners would, but I did not get the opportunity to try anything else. 

That is it for today's post.

Hope you found it interesting! 

Talk soon xox

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  1. Wow!! It’s a great fat burn supplement. But I was wondering if this is one of the Green supplements that use only the natural products!! Can you please provide some detailed information about this product?