Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Body Monday: CLA 1000

Everything you need to know about

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Hi guys,
today for Body Monday I wanted to bring you this post about the supplement CLA 1000 which I currently take in my diet. 

Further down I will link the brand I take if your interested in purchasing them. 

The supplement most commonly know as CLA 100 (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)  is a fatty acid  found in dairy and animal fat such as beef and milk. 

You may say why not jut eat beef and drink milk, but even if you consume huge quantities of each you will not absorb enough for your body. Also many people are milk intolerant or vegetarians. 

Are body does not produce this fatty acid so this is a great way to introduce it to your body. 

The benefits of taking CLA 1000:

1. reduces body fat 
2. increases lean muscle mass 
3. lowers cholesterol 
4. support healthy immune system 

My thoughts on taking CLA 1000

I take CLA 1000 by the brand Skinny Minnies ( it comes in a tub of 90 capsules for £17 pounds. 

I take one a day, and I can definitely see the benefits of taking it. I also take it in conjunction with other supplements especially designed for when I workout. 

This supplement is not only great in weight loss management but also provides other benefits and suitable for everyone looking to keep fit and healthy. 

Hope you found this interesting.

Do you take CLA? 

Let me know in a comment!

Talk soon xox


I am in no way a nutritionist and these are my own thoughts and opinions. Please be careful when taking any type of supplement and do your own research. I would advise you talk to your doctor if you are unsure and have any type of medical conditions. 

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