Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday Workout: Fitness Ball

Let's use an exercise ball today

Join me in three fun exercises!


Hi guys, 

Today I wanted to show you how I use an exercise ball (fitness/yoga ball). These are my three favorite exercises to do with a ball, there are many more. 

The three I will show you are especially great for the core. Let's get into it...

1. Arm attack

This may look easy but its very demanding and you need a lot of upper strength. 

First get stable on the ball with your legs lying on the ball and your hands keeping you up right. 

This not only targets your abs but your arms too. You can easily add a push up before you bend in and hit your core. 

2. Leg attack

Next one not only burns your belly fat but you also feel it in your legs. 

The trick is to go down slowly when you bring down the ball and do not full let your legs go down and hit the floor. 

3.  Ab attack

Next is your classic sit up, but is more challenging as you are trying to keep balance on the ball. The best thing about doing it with the ball is your back does not get sore as it would on a matt. 

Great if your having a sore back one day but still want to hit the abs. 

They have been my three fun exercises to try with a fitness ball. 

Hope you liked it and it gave you some ideas. 

Try it out next time you are at the gym or even treat yourself to a fitness ball. 

Let me know in the comments below if there are any workouts you would like to see or body areas you would like me to work on and show you. 

Talk soon xox 

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