Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Fitness: How to stay motivated and achieve your goals

Tips to staying motivated 

...and achieving your goals!

Hi guys,

today I want to talk about keeping motivated and not loosing focus on what you want to achieve. May it be gym related or not it is important to remember why you started and the joy you will receive for finishing it.

These are things I like to do and try and keep organized in one sense, try and find what works for you.If you are sick of starting over do not give up in the first place and this is how you will do that...

1. Set a goal 

To start off you need to set a goal. Write it down or get a journal it is important you set a realistic goal you can achieve and at first a short term goal is ideal; so when you achieve it you will be happy and craving to achieve a new goal for yourself.

2. Preparation 

It is all good setting a goal but you need to put preparation into it and physically make the goal happen. 
What I like to do is set reminders on my phone; may it be to hit the gym or write a post just little things to keep on track.

You may also consider preparing the night before such as getting the gym back packed or having your meals cooked and in the fridge. (I am mainly focusing on points for people trying to have a fitness lifestyle)

All little things you do before your task will enable you and let you be the best without complications. 

3. Celebrate 

Kelly Donegan

Any time of achievement or improvement in getting closer to your goal is something great to be celebrated. They say you are the first to notice changes in your body shape and others it takes about 2-4 weeks, but I find it is good to celebrate any time of achievement may it be big or small.

Like loosing weight, or not eating junk for a whole day. There are many social media tools out there that let us be vocal and say what we want so why not. 

 I love posting selfies on Instgram, or tweeting and even posting on the app Pump Up (Fitness app).

4. Inspiration 

Orla Hopkins

We all have someone who inspires us (I have a lot of people I look up too and get a lot of inspiration and motivation from)  and it is important that we do.

I can personally say many girls I follow have motivated me so much and have physically made me go to the gym simply by looking at their picture and reminding myself how much I want it and want to achieve what they have. 

It is a simply thing we can do that will help us keep focused and remind us everyday why we started. 

5. Never give up 

This is so important, because we are all going to have that day or that whole week where it just isn't happening and your falling behind on your goals; but guess what "that's life" we are all human in the end. 

But DO NOT get down on yourself and lose hope because there is someone out there waiting for you to fail and bring you down and you do not want to give them that satisfaction. 

Stay strong and learn from your mistakes and make things better by getting back into it, stronger and harder.

Bikini Brawn Babes

Thank you guys, hope you liked this post for Friday Fitness segment of my blog. 

Go and be the best you can :)

Talk soon xox

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