Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday Workout: Ab challenge

Total core and ab challenge


Today I bring you an exercise to try out next time your at the gym or at home. 

I found this challange on YouTube on the Blogilaties page. 

I personally like to do it for a full length of a song I like or you could set a goal like do 20 ect. 

Start off in a plank position, with your back straight, dont want to bend or arch your back as it will just get sore. 

From there you twist your hip to one side and then the other; to target the sides of your abs. 

Then you want to lift your bum high. This challange not only targets your core but your arms and legs. 

You will feel the burn all over your body. When I first tried it I barley did a few as I find a simply plank hard to do but now I seen improvement and can last a lot longer. 

Give it a try and tell me how you get on :) 

Talk soon xox 

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