Monday, 2 June 2014

Body Monday: Foam rolling

All you need to know about Foam Rolling 

and the benefits!

I first came across foam rolling on Ellen's page on Instagram, a Swedish girl I follow, she also has a blog (will leave links) who inspires me everyday and keeps me motivated. 

Instagram: @fitspooration 

This is Ellen

I made it my mission once she started using a foam roller that I would get one too. Got mine from TK Max, they have a huge range now at an affordable price. 

Currently selling mine if anyone is interested ( ) 

I then did a lot of research and watched videos on how to use it and the benefits; so I wish to share what I know with you and my thoughts on using one. 

A foam roller is like getting a deep tissue massage but without the huge cost and you are doing it to yourself. 

Rolling on it with the weight of your whole body allows muscle tissue to be stretched and release any sorness you usually get after an intense workout session. 

This is great news for anyone, I had many days where my body just ached and especially my legs after a hard session or simply after just starting working out after a long rest period, 

It is not only common for people who are just starting to exercise but for people who do it on a regular basis. 

The benefits of using a foam roller:

  1. You reduce muscle soreness 
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. Cuts down the rest time you need till next workout session 
  4. Improved blood circulation 
  5. Breaks down knots in your muscle     

How I found using a foam roller

At first when I used it for the first time; it was very painful and did not like it. But the results were amazing, after a hard leg session my legs felt fine and ready for another session. I couldn't believe the results; I know use it after every session, which then allows me to go to the gym everyday without any rest day needed (apart for my natural rest days I have) 

I wanted to add this picture for anyone unsure how to use their foam roller. I might take some pictures of me using one so you can see and a video.

It is very simple and looks it too but god is it hard and sore, but the results are amazing. 

Tips to avoid injury

I just want to mention a few things to avoid when using a foam roller.

First of all which is the most important to me is not to use the roller on your lower back and especially NOT on your back if you suffer with any type of back pain at all. 

I know this as I have lower back pains and would not trust the roller and I may injure myself.

My second advice would be: to go slow and not rush the movement, let it slowly get deeper into your muscle and work itself out of the knot you may have. 

That's it for today's segment  Body Monday, 

hope you liked the post and found it interesting

Let me know do you use a foam roller??!

Talk soon xox

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