Friday, 30 May 2014

Lets keep active without the gym

Six ways to keep active without hitting the gym 

Today I wanted to write about keeping active and other ways to you could keep active without having to pay crazy fees to join the gym.

Also not everyone likes to publicly go to the gym in front of other people, so I propose some other ideas you can do inside your own home.

1. Clean and do house chores
2. Go for a walk 
3. Plan outdoor activity 
4. Dance 
5. Take the stairs 
6. Workout at home 

I have to admit any time I get stuck in with the house chores i build up a sweat. I think because I want to get them done fast I go quicker. 

I think its a great way to keep fit and multitask at the same time. Give it a try, even just changing up your room. I love moving my furniture around and changing things up. 

Its a great excuse if you have a dog to take on a walk. I take my dog, Hunter on a walk nearly everyday, it gets us both out and we get some fresh air. 

They say you lose more calories by walking so thats always good news.

The gym isn't for everyone, people may be embareced to workout in front of people or simply do not like cardio or weights. 

So many be plan a day out with the kids and family, go to the beach if the weather is nice. Or simply go out for a walk listening to music, do a bit of yoga outside :)

Dance, a great way to build a sweat up and loose them few pounds. Zumba is still popular and taking storm around the world.

Even if you turn on the radio or music channel on your TV and bust a move you are keeping active and having fun. No one can see you which is great so go crazy.

 The next option is to do the opposite meaning take the stairs rather than the elevator or walk instead of going into your car.

I do not own a car and neither does my mam so we have no choice but to walk. Of course it is not convenient at time but if you had the option and needed to pop to the shop, do not get into your car but simply walk. 

(Love this picture, all these pictures are not mine but this made me laugh as its so me and Hunter when I try and workout) 

For a long time I was exercising at home, and still do at times when I cant get to the gym. I bought a lot of home equipment but you can find weights all around your home like a bottle of water ect.

You can do so many exercises at home with just a mat on the floor; I would also suggest getting your laptop out or computer and putting on YouTube, there you can find loads of workout videos :) 

Few of my favorite YouTube channels:


XHIT Daily:

This is all for today's segment Friday Fitness, hope you liked it and that I gave you some other ways to keep active. The most important thing is that you have fun, if you are not having fun then it is not for you and you should keep looking for an activity that makes you happy. 

Talk soon xox

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