Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday Workout: 5 Best Abs Exercise

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To start off, things you might need. A yoga mat to lie on and a weight, even a bottle of water is fine.

I usually do my exercises at the gym, but these can be done anywhere.

1. Circle crunches

This is the only ab exercise I do with a weight of course you don't have to use one its optional.

To start off lie down, have one leg straight out and the other bent at the knee and lifted. You can see how my legs are positioned in the picture. 

You want to bring the weight around the elevated leg while crunching your abs. 

With all ab exercises keep in mind to keep a tight tummy to feel the burn. 

You want to make circles with the weight keeping your back slightly raised. I can ensure you, you will feel the burn right away. Its a killer exercises. 

Do not forget to repeat and do on each leg.

2. Body weight situp

This ab exercise can also be done on a slanted bench with a foot holder. 

You simply lie down and fully raise your body upright keeping that tummy tight to feel the burn. 

Be careful as your lower back may hurt and would not recommend doing them if so. 

3.Heel touch

 This exercise will help you achieve that "V" look abs; targeting side abs. 

Simply reach out to your ankle as if you were trying to touch it, bending sideways. 

Repeat on each side.

 4. Body weight hip raise

 These are very tricky and hard to do. You need your own body to push yourself and lift yourself up.

Many times I pushed too hard and nearly flipped over ( ha ha ha not pretty).

Again don't forget the tummy, and come down slowly to really feel the burn. 


5. Bicycle crunches 

This is a classic but yet effective ab exercise, the bicycle crunches

To ensure you are doing it correctly really lift your shoulder when you are approaching the opposite raise leg.

They have been my 5 favorite abs exercises that I love doing.

Give them a try and tell me how you got on! 

Talk soon xox 

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