Thursday, 22 May 2014

Whats in my gym bag

Hi guys, 

How are ye?! 

Today I wanted to show you my gym bag and what I usually like to bring with me :) 

Try and leave any links to the products I own so you can see them and maybe purchase them 👍 


This is my current gym bag, bought it in Kilkenny with my dad. Really like it as it fits a lot and is comfy to bring around.

Lifestyle shop : (Bag not sold any more)

It has a long over the shoulder strap and two handles. Inside it has a pocket and outside up above the Nike name is an other pocket. 

You can see hanging from the bag is a hand sanitiser and a hair clip, always handy to have. 

In that small outside pocket, I keep my card to get into the gym, my watch and usually my phone and house keys too. 

Ebay shop for Polar watch: (Great customer care and delivery service)

I also like to carry a lip balm a hair brush and my supplements.

Hair Brush :


A must for me is my music, always need music to workout to! Are you the same? 

And I especially love my Beats head phones they are the best and love them! Their getting old on me :( oh well ha ha!! 

I then have a sports towel for myself or to use when I need to clean the gym equipment. 

At times I will also bring my foam roller to use after my workout but if I don't ill use it when I get home. (Roller I got from TKMax)

I mighty to a separate post about my foam roller and my thoughts on using one. 

I have a body moisturiser with me as I have a shower after my workout or after the pool. So I also have my toiletries and towels with me too.

The other is my Zaggora cream for the legs which I apply before my workout. 


Hempz: (Really good quality cream, got mine from my tanning salon) 

I also bring my Super Charge drink and once its gone fill it up with water. 

Skinny Minnies Supplements:

I would also bring a banana with me or a smoothie to have before or after I am done with the gym. 

Hope you found this post interesting. 

What is a must for you in your gym bag?!

Let me know :)

Talk soon xox 

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