Monday, 19 May 2014

Typical day in the gym

Hi guys, 

Home from the gym and i decided to share my typical day in the gym and maybe give you some inspiration to try something new. 

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I usually like to hit the gym in the morning but with doing that I find it hard to eat breakfast so I usually have a shake/smoothie or fruit and nuts. 

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Once i get to the gym before starting on any type of equipment I stretch. I find this is really important for many reasons. 

You are telling your body you are about to start working out so you prepare your muscles. Any time I do not stretch I easily pull a muscle and its not a nice feeling. So give yourself the time to properly stretch plus it feels great. 

I then usually like to go on the treadmill. Walk for about two minutes and the. Do my walking lunges, killer workout really feel it in the thigh.

I then like to go on the rowing machine for about 10/15 minutes.

I don't like the bicycle or other cardio equipment but like anything you need to change it up so when I feel board i would change my routine up. 

I then like to find a little space to place my mat and get some weights beside me. 

Now here is where I change up my routine, I like to do a bit of everything or some days I focus my exercises of a specific body area. 

I might do a separate post about my favorite mat exercises. 

Again I stated my workout with starches and I finish with them too. I get a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs so its also important for me to use a foam roller to use on my legs. 

This is just briefly what I like to do, also like to go for a swim, great way to cool down plus if you do some lanes it targets all your body parts in a few movements. 

Hope you liked my post and found out some new information make sure to see where I got my gym wear. 

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Talk soon xox 

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