Monday, 19 May 2014

My days in pictures

Hi guys,

How are you? 

I officially finished with college; both exams are over (accounting went okay, was happy with HRM) can enjoy the summer.

Anyway today I wanted to bring this new post for you! Sharing my pictures that are usually on my Instagram page (@mollygabri10) and just writing a caption about them! 

Hope you like it 👍💋 


This is usually my morning routine! Making up a Skinny Minnies shake.

Will leave links and pages to anything I use and love for you to check out. 

I love these shakes, and I also take my supplements by them also! 👍

This was me Sunday with my dog Hunter out for a walk! I do this everyday with him, love getting out and keeping active. 

How I spent my days during study time. Happy it is all over..

This was me after my killer workout by Cassey, will leave links. 

Been loving her workout videos on Youtube, something different than my normal routine. 

Been loving my squats and have been doing a calf raise after each, to change it up! Nothing worse than a boaring routine you do everyday 👎

This was my meal one day, had fish and broccoli with water (lemon and cucumber in it and ice) been trying to drink a lot of water 👍 

Find more pictures on my Instagram page! 

Love you guys, talk soon. 

Kayli xx 

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