Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Where have I been?!

Hi guys, 

Wow it feels like a long time since I was on my Blog and actually writing a post! 

Have been watching my Blog thank you for everyone who keeps looking and reading my posts! By far the Skinny Minnies post and Slendertone one have been most popular! 

So where have I been? 

I was holiday with my family had the privilege to travel to America, to be precise Florida ☀️ Sunny and beautiful Florida. 

If you follow me on Instagram my favourite app to be on I posted picture of my goodies I bought and my time there! I'll include some here too 👍 

I have also been busy the past few days from when I came back studying and doing my last CA's for college! Have my two exams coming up in May, worried a lot about accounting (do not like maths) 

Fingers crossed I will do ok and pass eveything, has been a weird college year! Had a lot of determination at the start happy to be starting back but it ended with me happy to be finished and not enjoying college at all! 😩 weird still not sure...

Have been keeping fit and healthy, had a slight diet change while on holidays (indulged in some Dunkin Donuts) ha ha ha but back on my Skinny Minnie Supplements 😍 

Recently tried another brand of shakes, only had one (bought a 3 day trial) but was not impressed, will keep you posted, but do not think ill purchase from them again. Some times what works for you and you know you like, you should just stick to it! Changing and try new stuff at times can be disappointing but thats that...

Been great watching the competition season with body building and bikini class, the beautiful Kelly from Bikini Brawn won her class 👍
so proud of her and so happy I got to meet her! 

Find out more here: 

I think that is all you guys, I missed writing and have been thinking about my readers hope to bring great post for you to read and find interesting! 

Summer is approaching ☀️ how nice so plenty of nice weather and fitness post 👍 sound good?? 

Talk soon,

Love Kayli xx 💕 

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