Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Whats on my iPhone?!

Whats on my iPhone 5?! 

Come and see :) 

Hi guys :) 

Though it be cool to show you what apps I have on my phone, I am always looking for new apps that would be useful! I don't have any games. I use to be big into them but now I just hate them! They kill your battery and just boring. I loved the Simpson's game and was addicted but my addiction is broke ha ha ha 

This is a pic I posted on Instagram (@mollygabri10) the first day I got my iPhone, I never had an iPhone before so I was super excited when I got the 5. I just love it. Great thank you to my boyfriend Evan for the help he gave me in getting this :) Love you xox 

Yes my phone is a boy ha ha ha :) I got it in black, that's the only colour the store had and I am happy it was as I first wanted to get white but I am happy I did not. I much prefer the black its very classy. 

So this is the first page on my phone. This is the apps I need and came with the phone but do not use much. 

I always use my reminders, very useful, as I have terrible memory ha ha. Basic stuff here on this page. 

This to me is my main page, apps I constantly use. 

We have "timetable" which I have my college timetable on, with the classes I have and what time their on and what room, very useful! 

Then we have Whats app and Viber, which I use to talk to my dad and mam on and friends over in Italy. Main reason so I can keep in contact with my dad. Out of the two I prefer Whats app. 

Then I have the app "We Heart It", which is just full of beautiful cool pictures that you can like. Can find background pictures and stuff, if your into pictures like I am you will love this app. 

The next four on the second line of apps are the basics that I think everyone has like Twitter (@Blogmollyvkayli) Youtube (Kayli Valenti) Instagram (@mollygabri10) and Facebook (Blog mollvkayli) 

The next one called "pages" is part of Facebook also if helps me manage my page "Blog mollyvkayli" separately from my private page. I just update my followers with what new post I put up on my Blog. 

Next is Blogger, which I am using right now to write my post. So helpful to just write down my thoughts and ideas and then edit them on my laptop. 

Then we have "duolingo" which is an app to learn the basics of a language such as Spanish. I kinda gave up on it but it is very good and useful like if you are studying that language to keep up with it. 

The last app on this page is "Spotify" which is Amazing, you can listen to and unlimited amount on music! I can also listen to my favourite Italian singers. This is the free version which means you listen on shuffle and can only skip 6 times. But it's ok you put up with it. The premium one is €10 a month and allows you to listen to ALL the music you want. 

The last page I have, its all organised in these boxes if you call them that. 

I do not use these apps that often, that is why I keep them organised and not just one after the other. 

Let me know what apps you use, always looking for new ones.

One I just got recently that I did not show here is Subway for my card to see how many points I have. 

I have Keek, which I do not use any more. Its full of videos of my hamsters, two which have passed away, so its a bit upsetting to look at. The other one is Couple, you talk to your add half, can't add anyone else to it. Its like whats app but just for couples. 

Here are apps I cant delete that came with the phone and are useful at times. 

Here are my apps that I need for college. The first one is for my WIT card, an app to top it up and see my balance. We do not deal in cash in college, so we put our money on the card. 

Of course Google translate could not miss ha ha its a must. An odd time I cant think of the word in Italian so i just pop the word in. 

The next is the PDF file reader, I got this because it was free one day, do not use it, as I download my notes onto my tablet now. 

Next is Rapid cabs, to order a taxi with. Do not use it ha ha as its faster to call them. Do not ask me why I keep them. 

Next is my Voice Memos, very useful for anyone who did not try it. I practically record my notes and listen back to me, kinda stick better in my mind. 

Next is my Instagram apps which are most important to me ha ha ha as I take a lot of pictures.

First one Light Pic, adds soft images over your picture like hearts and lights, its very popular and cute too, adds something different to your picture. Here is a picture I used the app on. 

Pic Stitch is your classic collage app, like any other, nothing different about it. 
Here is an example 

Next is my Watermark app, it practically puts a stamp on your photo like my name so no one can take your picture and say its theirs as your name will be on it. Here is an example. 

Next is Insta Follow, everyone who has Instagram should have this app. It shows you who is following you, who un followed you and so on. 
Image editor is where I edit all my picture like cropping. Very useful. 

Font, is an app I use to write on my pictures, like so. 

Cropic is the app i use for every picture I put up online, is practically gives you that white border around your pictures. Was trying to get this app for ages, delighted I found it. 

Cutie is an app I deleted now, it's nice but got sick of it. It just allowed you to write on your pictures and put cute backgrounds. 

Polyvore, i only use for one reason and that is to do my pictures when I announce a new post. Ill show you am example now. 

Reflection is an app to make your picture appear double. I am not happy with this app but I cant find one that does something similar but better. 

My random does contain some random apps ha ha. First one is Big Day, its a countdown to an event that you set up. 

Shazam is very useful for when you hear a song on the radio or so and you do not know who sings it, this app will find out and tell you. 

12 days is the app that comes out during Christmas, it has a free app each day for your to download, very poor this year, got nothing from it. Only had stupid games and books. 
Seven is an exercise app for women. 
Snapchat, is an app you send pictures to your friend but they can only see it for a few seconds, its funny as you see weird stuff but you will never see it again. 

This is my Instagram account :) add me @mollygabri10 

This is my Facebook page for my Blog, just update you when a new post is up! 

Blog mollyvkayli 

This is what Spotify looks like, delighted I can listen to Fedez non stop. 

This is my We Heart It account and all the pictures I liked. 

Well that has been what is on my iPhone. 

Hope you liked it and that you try some of my favourite apps. 

Let me know what your favourite app is?! 

Write soon 

Kayli xox 

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