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December favourites

December favourites

Here is what I have been loving for the month of December. Crazy to think another month is over with. We shall see what January brings us. Hope you all have a lovely festive holiday break. Happy New year to all my followers.

Catrice nail polish 

Let's start my December favourites with a nail polish. So happy my nails have grown again (I was struggling with biting them) so I have been loving wearing nail polish again. This one is by Catrice, left link down below to their website, its in the colour Brono Mars. 
I just loved the colour, very Christmas and New year feel to it. Glides on like butter and the colour pay off is great. I might try other nail polishes by them. 


Rimmel Stay Glossy 

The next one, is this lip gloss by Rimmel called Stay Glossy called "non stop glamour", I have it for forever, it's the perfect nude pink colour, I love it. Its a bit sticky but I can cope with it. I just keep going back to it and always using it compared to my other lip glosses.
If you could get your hands on one of these lip glosses you will love it.


Kiko Tranlslucent Powder 

Next is translucent powder, I started re using translucent powder again. I think they are all the same, well never tried many translucent powders. I like this one by the Italian brand Kiko, links below. 
I manly use it for under the eyes. 


Price: €11.90 

HD brow palette 

I think I have already mentioned this product before to you, I just cant live without it. I love it, its perfect for my eyebrows. Use it in my daily face routine. 

Lovely eyeshadow colours too. I got this  from my local Beauty salon for €25. I always wanted it when I seen it in a Glossy Box review and happy I got it. 


Benefit Hoola bronzer 

Got this from my boyfriend for Christmas. I am over the moon with it, as many things I also wanted this product for ages. Its the perfect bronze colour, to give you that sun kisses face. It's not too heavy but you only need little product on your brush. 

Leave you link where you can buy it online from Debenhams, its costs €34. 


Estée Lauder double wear foundation 

I also showed this product in my Christmas present.

I have been using it since I got it, I must say it is very matte alright. I did not shine throughout the day at all, I didn't even need powder, amazing stuff. The only thing is I find it hard to apply because it dries so fast. Any suggestions people who have this foundation?! What do you use to apply it? Use a primer? 

I would like to buy the Benefit Porefessional, read good things about it. 

I will do a review of these products if you would like?! 


Price: €36.50 

Benefit Thier Real mascara 

I had already tried this product, the sample like travel size and I LOVED it, such an amazing mascara. I must say it is expensive but if you are looking for a clump free, volume and lengthening mascara that is what you will get. There is no fussing about when you use it. 


Price: €26 

Clinique bottom lash mascara 

I was intrigued when I seen the ads for this product on TV. I don't know if I am the only person but I need to be very careful when applying mascara to my bottom lashes, I easily get in under my eyes and I just ruin my whole make up, gets annoying. So for a long time I never wore mascara there, but since I got this, I have been loving wearing mascara on my bottom lashes. The brush is perfect size and just the right amount of product you need on the brush. Very useful I think, especially if you are clumsy like me. 


Price: €16 

Kiko Eye tech look eyeshadow 

I got this product this summer from the Kiko shop in Italy. I have been using it like crazy this past month. I only use it for one specific thing and that is for my inner corner, to brighten up my eye. 

I think its perfect because of the brush, its a soft dome shape and suitable for small areas. I think I would like to get other colour next time and use it as eyeliner for under my eyes, something different given a pop a colour. 


Price: €5.90 

Ops Objects Love bracelet 

Next is my beautiful Ops bracelet I bought while I was over in Italy. Its an Italian brand, I had first seen it on an Italian beauty Guru I follow on Youtube, since then I madly wanted one. 

They are very popular in Italy, left link below, they have them in different colours and styles, also sell watches, rings and necklaces all with the same kind of style that I think make Ops brand recognisable. 

I paid about €36 for it. Should have a look at their products, might get an other one when I go back over to Italy, I like their watches. 

MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch 

Got this MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch, from Brown Thomas when I was in Cork, its the perfect brow bone highlight colour, use it everyday, its a basic I feel in my MAC palette. They cost €12.50 for the pan format. 


These were my December favourites, hoped you liked it. What did you love this December?!

Have you tried any of these products too?! Let me know in a comment :) 

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Let January be a great year to you all. 

Thank you for reading my blog post, talk soon. 

Kayli xox 

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