Thursday, 2 January 2014

Skinny Minnies Supplements What I am using!

Skinny Minnies Supplements 

Hi guys, 

As promised I said I would post about this company Skinny Minnies Supplement that I found and got a few products from. 

So let's get into it and talk a bit about them. 

This is their website which only UK residence can buy off but how I got my products is I contacted them on their Facebook page, which I will leave links too and all their other social networks. 

Disclaimer these are my own thoughts and opinions, the photos I got from their website and I do not own them. 


Instagram: @skinnyminniesx
Twitter: @skinnyminnies1

Here we can see some of their products. I think their packaging is very simple but cute and nice to look at. It's not too busy but you recognise their brand. 

They sell shakers, in pink and black (too cute, mine is pink) and then they have their Meal Time, Slim Down, Burn & Boost, All-in-One Vitamins & Minerals and Super Charge. 

All these products help you to lose wight or replenish tired muscle after a work out.  I am currently using their Meal Time shakes, drinking one a day, to cut down on my food intake. I am not trying to lose huge amount of weight but I am not happy with the way I look now. 

Of course I am writing this post to inform you about this company and what they have to offer. You may think I don't need to drink them but its my personal choice. I always like finding new companies and products.

I am also keeping a record of my progress and how I am doing. I have changed my diet, eating more healthy foods and of course exercising.

I would like to try their Slim Down, as it helps you cut down your calories and stop the cravings, which I have. (ha ha)

I have started my shakes on the 01/01/14, to start the new year in style. 

Here is some information about the Meal Time shakes, they are a powder formula which you add water/milk too and drink that instead of one of your meals, or after your workout.

Above you see the picture of me and my strawberry shake, it is delicious and is like a normal milkshake. The flavours are amazing, and do not taste nasty at all. At times I know that people may wonder what a product like this really taste like, but I can assure you they are yummy.

All prices are on their website, keep in mind it is in pounds £. And postage for Ireland is around €8. I think they are very price wise. 

I first found them on Instagram as this girl Tara posted a picture of them. I follow her, she is from the hit mtv show Beauty School Copouts (which I love). 

Here is her review, one of many, which you can read on their website. All positive comments left my Skinny Minnie girls. 

It is very important when taking these supplements that you also change your diet. You can't expect to lose weight by drinking one of them a day and doing no exercises. 

I might and will do a post of what I now and eat and do as fitness, along with my recordings and improvements I see with Skinny Minnies. 

I think that is all I have to say, for more info look up their website. They are very friendly so if you have any questions drop them a message on Facebook. 

Talk soon, Kayli xox 

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