Saturday, 28 December 2013

My 2014 goals New year New me

What I want to achieve 2014

Hi guys :)

Something different today, something for myself but also maybe inspire some of you. 

This coming year 2014 is going to be a good one.

I also said this, for this year 2013. Has it been good?

Trying to look back, there has been good things such as:
-getting Hunter my dog :)
-finishing first year of college, and now in my second

This is kinda of a bucket list also as goals to try and achieve. 

1. Get fit


There is no point and say lose weight. I think everyone has that down as their new goal for 2014. I know my mam always says she will start her diet Monday, but guess what Monday never comes. I think its the same for everyone. This time I am determined (I hope), I want to feel better, I want to be proud of my body and be able to show it off this summer. I am not fat ( whatever one may think "fat" is) but I want a 6 pack :p and be skinny and happy. 
This will definitely involve cutting down on fatty food, mainly fried stuff (love fried eggs and chips) and also cutting down on chocolate. I eat too much for my own good, kinda addicted you may say. 
I get cravings for chocolate it is that bad. That will be a hard one for me. But I do love fruit and veg so I don't mind eating that, its just going to be hard changing my habits I guess. 

I also found this website Skinny Minnies Suppliments, on Instagram one day. Have a look at their website. ->
(Link: )

And I got a few bits off them. I want to do a separate post on them, if that ok and tell you all about them. And also keep track on how I am doing, if I see improvements. 

2.  Be part of a local run

There are always walks and runs going on in my home town. And I always want to take part of one. They are usually done to raise for charity like cancer.

I will have too look into it and prepare myself to do one. 

I think it would be good to do, and it would be for charity. We shall see!!!

3. Go to a Fedez concert 

This is Fedez, an Italian rapper that I LOVE :o obsessed over him.I think because I live now in Ireland, I guess I miss Italy and everything that makes me Italian. We I listen to him, I feel a connection, I understand his music and what he sings about. 

I will leave the link to his channel, you can also find him on other social networks. I would love if I could see him one day in concert. Don't know who I would go with ( all summer I was signing one of his songs, and I kinda did my dads nut in ha ha ha )

I am going to but this down as something I would like to do and hopefully I will. 

Link to his Youtube page ( )

4. Stay organised and focused 

Semester two is slowly approaching now, and next year as part of the course is the year abroad. I asked to go to Italy, but because I am Italian they might not let me go. Long story short if I don't get to go, ill skip into fourth year and final year of my course. Don't know did I tell you before but I study International business in my local college. 

I like it but I don't  know if its the career I want to take, if you know what I mean. I don't know what I want to do in my life right now. 

Anyway moving on, I want to be organised this semester. I want to be prepared for my exams and not be stressed like I was for these Christmas 2013 ones. 

I think if I start it from day one, be organised, study and keep on top of it, it would be easier for me.

I think if I do little things, like after everyday of college do two hours or study, ect. I think it be nice if I do a separate post on my tips and what I will d for this coming semester, what you think??

5. Keep up with my Blog 

Before I get into this, I want to thank you, yes, you, who are reading this right now. Thank you for your support and coming to read m blog and what I have to say.

I also want to thank everyone who follows me on various social networks. I have seen a huge change these past months, with new followers. 

I hope what I write is to your interest and that you get some use to it. Always feel free to leave me a comment :)

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I will try and be more regular with my blog post. At times I don't know what to write about. I feel I don't have great communication with you guys, so I don't know what you would like to read. 

Also at times I am very busy with college. College is very different, as its a lot of independent work, so I try and do my best, and that at times affects my blog.

Well that's it from me. 

Let me know if you are making any new years resolutions ?

And don't forget, do not be hard on yourself. I may not achieve what I set out.

But do not let anyone say you did not do your best.

Bring on 2014 :) 

Love Kayli xox

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