Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 my presents! 

Hi guys how are you? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day and still having a great Christmas period! 

I had a great time and Santa really spoilt me! I spent Christmas day at my aunts house, was lovely. Have a few photos at the end of my post for ye to see. 

These are my gifts i got from my boyfriend. Thank you again my love, I truly love everything!! 

So let's get to it...

Benefit They're Real mascara 

I had previously tried this mascara, as my boyfriend's mam had giving me the small mascara like i have now to try! And I LOVED it, its such a good mascara! Really is, it's just perfect. It makes my eyelashes look amazing! 

Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation 

I have wanting to get this foundation since forever! Some people swear by it! I only used it twice so I don't have a strong opinion about it yet! I am happy, just need to get a high quality concealer to combine with it. 

The colour i got is 1w1 Bone, great colour as I am very pale, love it! 

Benefit Hoola bronzer 

Finally got my hands on this baby, so happy. I cant live without bronzer as I am so pale, and this is such a nice bronzer, the perfect tan colour and its not harsh. For example I had tried the Urban Decay one and it was so pigmented and you really didn't need a lot. This is definitely going to become one of my must haves. 

My boyfriend also got me two products from Lush, which is not in my home town. Excited to use them. The first one is a soap in Dirty and the other is a hand and body lotion. 

I also got this with my Benefit products, its a voucher for a free make up bag! I have an appointment in the new year to go in and get my makeup done and stuff too, so that's exciting! Hopefully I would like to get while I am there the Booing concealer and shine control powder the new one that just came out!

Would also love to get the porefessional primer but their makeup is expensive so I'll see. 

All my goodies, stuff from my nanny, mam and aunt there too. 

Tried a baileys, thought I would like it but I didn't, not for me. Ha ha 

The turkey yum yum :p 

Pavlova for desert. Love strawberries 

At the dinner table :) 

My mammy and aunt :) 

The makeup I wore on the day, posted this on my Instagram (@mollygabri10) also find me on twitter (@Blogmollyvkayli) and my Facebook (Blog mollyvkayli) 

Add me and see what I do everyday :) 

Picture of my makeup today, have on my double wear foundation. 

Thank you
Love Kayli xox

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