Friday, 20 December 2013

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Wishing my readers a Merry Christmas

Hi guys, it has been a long while.

Finally finished all my exams.
I had four in total. I have accounting as my first exam, I was worried as I don't do great when it comes to numbers. Kinda messed it up. (A lot will tell when I get my results in February).

Next exam was Introduction to EU, I was very worried but I was happy with what I wrote hopefully enough to get a nice result. I am not the brightest person, I try hard and give it my best.

Next was Business Law, was happy with it, wrote what I wanted too, didn't forget too much.

And today Friday 20th I had marketing. I have to go one day back, Thursday. Wow I was really sick, this head cold just came over me. My head was pounding, sore neck and runny nose. I was a hot mess. I just couldn't study. I was so worried. If my exam was to be on yesterday I would of been screwed.

Anyway it went ok, not great, hope I passed. I can finally enjoy the Christmas season ha ha :) and I feel much better, really helped just clearing my nose and taking panadol and eating oranges and just trying to feel better.

How is everyone? Hope you have been enjoying my post.

Anything ye would like to see in particular???!!!!!

               Fitness??!!                                         Celebrities??!!                                Beauty??!!

For now its bye from me and Hunter. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

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