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I'm a Celeb 2013...a bit of a gossip!

I'm a celebrity 2013 "get me out of here" 

My thoughts and opinions!

Hi guys, different post today. I have been following this years I'm a celebrity and I said I would write a post about it and how I found it and what went on for those who didn't watch it. 

This was the first line up they showed. There was a few celebs I knew already and some I didn't. I wasn't sure was I going to watch it. But as it turns out I did and I loved it. Great like last year.
The last two who joined the camp, was Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles. 

The Celebs of 2013, each brought something different to the jungle and I loved every moment of it.

 Annabel Giles

The first to leave I'm a Celeb 2013 was Annabel. 
She is a writer, presenter and former model. I have to admit I didn't know who she was.
She is a lovely lady, and I enjoyed watching her during her stay in the jungle. But nothing exciting about her.

Laila Morse "Mo"

The second person to leave was Laila or better known for the Eastenders fan "Mo". She plays the character Mo in the English soap Eastenders.
I liked her time in the jungle but I don't know is it bad to say I didn't really like her? I don't know she had a bad attitude, or maybe I didn't really get to see her personality. I don't know this is what I got from it and seen from watching her.

Vincent Simone 

Best know from the TV show Strictly Come Dancing. I am so happy he joined the jungle. I was so excited, especially as he is Italian ha ha (I am half Italian) I loved him, and I was so sad his time got cut short. I would of loved to see him go further, even in the last three. But he showed us a glimpse of who he is. Very funny, I love his accent, just makes things more funnier. 

Matthew Wright

And then we have Matthew a journalist and presenter of The Wright Stuff. I did not know who he was. Very particular character, different to most. As I will talk about a little further, he left us with some memorable moments.

Steve Davis

The former world champion of snooker of course Steve. Such a lovable man and a clumsy man as well ha ha ha. I loved him, an other one of my favourites. Such a nice man, that made us laugh and also gave us many memorable moments."I cant council you while I am trying to have a s***t".
 I just taught he was a good player,pitty I didn't see more about him.

Alfonson Ribeiro

And then we have Alfonson from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Of course I knew who he was, and was super excited to see the "real" him. At first I was so not impressed, I don't know, maybe because he was getting use to the jungle life, even tho he wanted to leave and had "enough" of it ha ha . I guess he was frustrated and just grumpy. But the day he did the Carlton dance everything got better. Spirits were lifted and everyone was happy. It wasn't nice to see someone wanting to leave and not "having fun" not that you could have fun in that environment. Anyway it was nice to see him, especially as he hasn't been "on the seen" since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Rebecca Adlington

The beautiful Rebecca and Olympic Gold Medallist for swimming. I didn't get to see much of Rebecca. Like always there are people who stand out more than others. It was sad to see that day when she was offended by Amy, the whole image discussion. She is beautiful and has achieved so much, I really admire her. I love swimming myself and wish I was as talented as her.

Amy Willerton

The stunning GB's Miss Universe Amy. Wow did she provide us with drama and entertainment. What can I say about her, she is a lovely person and most definitely stunning, beautiful and just perfect. I also seen some ugly sides to her. No I did not know her till now. I didn't like how she got "picked on" by the others in camp, as we did see at times she didn't help and slept a lot, but as she said herself, she offered once and if they didn't want my help she wasn't going to push it. If she didn't have to do it then she wouldn't of. I think she was really out of her comfort zone in that "tunnel" challenge where she had to go under water to get the stars.I like her style, she keeps cool in sticky situations. I will talk about the "concealer" scandal below.

Joey Essex

Joey from the TV show Towie; and who came up with the word "reem". I do not watch that show and its only recently I found out that Towie stands for The Only Way is Essex (duh Joey moment there) anyway I just knew him to see. He turn out to be rather nice and fun to watch. He was a favourite to win, and I was very socked when he left, thought be would be last with Kian. He provided us with some very funny moments. He flourished in the jungle was lovely to see. 

Lucy Pergeter

Stars in the British soap Emmerdale (I do not follow that, so I did not know her) Very surprised she lasted till 3rd place, I guess there are big Emmerdale fans out there. I liked her, very strong character in the jungle. She look on a "mam" role, looking after the camp. At times I didn't like her attitude but then I did when she "stood up" to Amy, especially when Amy was eating out of the pan because she was starving and wanted more food, I thought that was stupid. It seems like food is important (and God I love my food) but you eat what you have, they are all on the same boat. She was good but not my favourite.

Memorable moments 

The white bikini shower moment. 

 As Matthew predicted, there is always going to be the scene with the pretty girl in her white bikini under the shower; but Matthew wanted to beat her to it, so he went for it. Very funny, made me laugh. He is some character.

The Cyclone trial 

I really loved this trial for some reason, I think because we seen how sweet Kian can be. He later on revealed that he was only helping the girls to make sure they got the stars but I know he is genuinely nice person. I was emotional watching this. I think they worked really well as a team and was lovely to see. 

Falling before the trial starts

This was such a priceless moment that no one could plan. Poor Steve fell before he had even started the trial. It was so funny, you could just watch it over and over. He was so determined to do well and "get his swimming arms ready" that he just fell. Definitely a memorable moment for I'm a Celeb 2013.

The concealer story 

The whole contraband story and Amy, that was the bit of drama girls had going while they were in the jungle. That was all that was being discussed, I guess being stuck in a jungle with nothing to do it passes time gossipping and talking about it. I understand were Amy is coming from and wanting to have the make-up, I wouldn't like to show my "ugly" side to the whole world, but that you would be so insecure about yourself that you needed it is not nice. I think she should of handed up all her makeup the first time, you don't want to come across in a negative light. You are in a jungle, and everyone is on the same boat. Who cares, still look beautiful. The story kept us entertained. 

Betsy the bag 

Of course Betsy the bag, we will never forget her. Was so funny, still would love to know what was really in her. She was so secretive about it and brought her everywhere was just getting suspicious. 

Joey Essex the school boy

It was touching watching Joey learn so much while in the jungle. He learned to tell time, cook and kinda blow his nose. He was nice and I don't think it was put on. The impression usually is that people from reality TV shows are not the brightest but do know how to party. He was lovable and was amusing to watch. Really liked him.

The last two 

Kian Egan  

A former member of the band Westlife (some might find this socking but I was not a Westlife fan, I think because I lived in Italy when they were "big" that I just didn't follow them) anyway this was one person I knew before going into the jungle. I only knew him as being part of the band. Its hard to show your individuality in a band but we seen who Kian is now. A lovely sweet gentleman. I loved watching him.

David Emanuel

The Royal fashion designer. And runner up.
The beautiful, sophisticated Mr Emanuel. Again have to admit I did not know him before I'm a Celeb. But my god did I love him by the end of it. I just loved him, he is so nice and really showed us who he is. I especially loved that day when he was in the camera room talking about "The Royals" of the jungle and he described Amy as one of the Queen's corgi's that was priceless "They are pampered, eat and sleep a lot" perfect description of Amy.

And finally the Winner...

As predicted Kian is King of the jungle 2013 :) Delighted for him. I think he was a strong character but who didn't cause drama. Some people go unnoticed and others are too loud and annoying, Kian found himself in the middle. Helpful, the camps cook, and just a strong role model and very determined when ding the trials. Of course his bro-mance with Alfonso was lovely to see, too cute. I think he deserved it, I wouldn't of been upset if David one, a lovely man also.

That is it you guys from me. What you think about these kind of post, are they intresting????? Would you like to see more???? Let me know, leave a comment :) 

Love Kayli xx

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