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November Favourites

November Favourites 

Hi guys, how are ye?

Fell like its been ages. This is the only time I got to sit and write without being college related. I have my chritmas exams coming up, so I am super busy. Need to do well, so I wated to excuse myself now you guys, I wont be that present.

Lets get into november favourites, the month went by so fast. I thought it would go slow, but its december already, crazy!

These have been my november favourites that I cant get enough of:

  1. HD brow palette 
  2. Kiko concealer wheel 
  3. Simple eye makeup remover pad 
  4. Simple cleansing wipes 
  5. Kiko eyeshadow 
  6. Essence double ended eyeliner 
  7. Juicy Couture perfume 
  8. 17 anti fatigue foundation 
  9. MAC eyeshadows 
  10. So Sue Me book 

HD Brows palette in "vamp"
I bought this HD brow palette from my beauticians. I always wanted it as I seen it featured on the Glossy Box. So I had to buy it. Before I always used pencil to fill in my eyebrows now I cant get enough of powder. This is just AMAZING stuff, its a life saver! I have been using it everyday. I would recommend it to everyone. The colours I got are "vamp" for dark haired and skin, but its fine you can pick the colours and find the shade that you like. The also do one for blonde hair. The colours are very pigmented and you just need the bare amount to fill your eyebrows. They can also be used as eyeshadows and create a smokey eye. I leave links as always to HD brows and Glossy Box. 


Kiko concealer wheel 

I have showed this concealer before and I was using it like crazy this month of November. Its smooth and easy to work with. They are light to medium coverage. If I could I would buy it again. I'll have to wait till I get back to Italy. I also like it because it has a green concealer, to cover up redness and a highlighter. Everything in one is very practice. 


Simple eye make-up remover pads 
Simple cleansing wipes 
Both these Simple products I have been using all month. The small packet are pads that are soaked in product to remove eye makeup. They are very handy as they are small and perfect to get rid of mascara. They are not rough or sore on the eye, perfect for sensitive eyes. The wipes are AMAZING, I have tried many wipes to remove all my make up, but their either too sore on my skin or not strong enough that I need to use loads. 
These really get rid of your makeup with one wipe, just fantastic, and so soft on my skin. I use them every night to take my make up off and thats all. 


Kiko eyeshadow 

I got this Kiko eyeshadow when I was over in Italy, it was on offer. It has a brush applicator in it. Practically its a dome sponge applicator and its a bright white loose eyeshadow. Its perfect to highlight and brighten your eyes. I use it everyday in my inner corner to make my eye like awake. I love it, would love to get other colours. 

 Essence 2in1 eyeliner pen

I posted a picture of this eyeliner on my Instagram page, its from the Essence collection of Justin Bieber. I wasn't crazy about the eyeshadows and nail polish, but I have loads of them so thats why I didn't. I also got the blush. I like it because its dead easy to use and has a tick and tin side to it which it very handy. Would recommend it as an eyeliner, the pigmentation is not great, it's not a strong black colour. 

Juicy Couture Perfume 

I also posted a picture of this perfume that my wonderful boyfriend got me. This has been my scent for November. I had a Juicy perfume before, different one but they are all amazing. Its a strong scent but not over powering. Very flattering. I just love it, thank you Evan xx 

17 Hide & Chich anti-fatigue foundation 

I wanted to mention this foundation as I was wearing it durning November. I got it for €2 in Boots, was on offer, i guess it was the last one and they wanted to get rid of it. I must say its a lovely foundation to work with and has a lovely matte finish to it. I got many compliments wearing this foundation. Its light to medium coverage, not great for oily skin (my face gets VERY oily) as mid day I would see it was separating and I needed to apply powder to fix it. But the feel of it and finish is great. 


MAC eyeshadows  

Here are my beautiful first ever MAC eyeshadows! I am over the moon i finally have MAC eyeshadows and the palette to put them in. Stupid I know but I love them. A beautiful early Christmas present from my mammy. Got it when I was up in Cork as we don't have a MAC shop here in Waterford. The brown colour one is called "embark" and the highlight one pinky tone is called "naked lunch". I wasn't sure what colours I wanted to I went for a under my brow highlight and and all over or crease colour. If ye have any suggestions what one I should get next I would really appreciate it ???!!! But yes I have been loving these for the month of November. 

Suzanne Jackson So Sue Me book 

Finally I wanted to mention my So Sue Me book. It's written by the beautiful Suzanne Jackson (Irish blogger, beautician, guru, many other beautiful things) will leave links below. She wrote this book and in it is tips on make up,beauty, life and about herself and how far she got. I absolutely love her. I feel I can relate to her and because she's from Ireland well just makes it better that she's close to me. This Saturday in fact (7th December 2013) I am going to her book signing! Can't wait, I will let you know how it goes and will post loads of pictures on my Instagram (@mollygabri10) I would also recommend this book, great tips for any girl into fashion or makeup. Its helpful and I also read it. 


  Well these have been my November favourites, hope you liked them. And sorry I was been absent, just busy with my Christmas exams. Wish me luck I need it :) 

Love Kayli xx

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