Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Workout Routine

My current workout routine

Hi everyone :)
Hope you are keeping well, and that 2014 is treating you well.

I seen that my Skinny Minnies post was very popular with a lot of views. Thank you for who had a read of it, hope you liked it. Let me know if you ordered something from them, and what you think about their shakes?!

Because the post was popular thought you might like too see my workout routine, and what I do to keep in shape while I am on my Skinny Minnie supplement. 

This post might give you ideas, or inspire you to start that long delayed workout you needed to do but got put off


I am not a fitness instructor, or nutritionist, this is what I do and what works for me. 

Everyone has a different body shape and different tastes. 

Everyone has to start from somewhere and this is where I am at. Take each day as it comes, at times you may not feel like doing a workout and that's fine.

What I wear

This is an outfit I like to wear, because I do my workout at home, I do not care what I look like and its not about that (ha ha) its about doing the work and building up a sweat.

I do these types of exercises on the floor with my mat when I do not feel like doing my Shaun T workout, which I will talk about further down in this post.

 I also walk a lot, I do about 1 hours walk with my dog and I walk if I have to go into town or anywhere else (do not own a car).

My outfit

I am wearing:
-Nike hair band (from TkMax)
-Top "Absolutely Famoublous" (from Bershka) Link:
-Yoga pants (from Penneys)
-Nike runners (from Lifestyle) Link:
-Nike sports bra (from TkMax, wearing it underneath in white)

 Floor workout

These are classic workouts, that work and are easy to do. Yoga mats are cheap and can find them everywhere. Do not need posh expensive equipment, everyday items you find in your home, are just as good.

This exercise is great for the butt, I do about 50 reps which each leg. This position is great for doing "girly" push ups. Sometime I will do push up about 10, if I can (ha ha ).

Then you have your classic sit up, which at times are painful on my lower back; only do about 20 reps.
The whole reason why I do not do floor exercise everyday is because it is sore on the lower back and not fun (ha ha)

I also do this type of sit up, to change things up, by bringing my leg up to the opposite elbow. 


They are a girl best friend. If you are looking for that Kim Kardashian butt, you need to be doing squats. 
I do this 30 day challenge, god they are hard and sore, but who doesn't want a big but ( ha ha ).

 Next exercise I like doing is with this band, I got them in Aldi. During the month of January you will see a lot of stores selling fitness equipment, great time to pick up a few bits. 

I just do this to strengthen my arms, about 30 reps.

Shaun T Hip Hop ABS 

And finally this is what I have been doing everyday. I tried his Insanity workout, but it was pretty insane and not for me right now. I want something fun with music, that I would enjoy.

This workout DVD, is full of dance and fun music. It what I was looking for.  Here is a Youtube clip of what the workouts look like : 

I find when you look at someone doing it and pushing you and talking to you, if more motivating and you want to do it.

I have been many of times to the gym, but when I am on my own and everyone looking at me, its not comfortable and I never do what I had planed to do so It would be nice to have a personal trainer, maybe one day (ha ha ).

Its also great to do a DVD workout, as you are in the comfort of your own home. Dealz shop and places like Golden discs, sell workout DVDs at a great price. Shop around in your local town, I am sure you would find a DVD to try out. (Dealz )

Where to buy it:

Eat and Drink

Remember guys, I also eat a healthy and balanced diet. I might do a separate post and I did not forget about my progress from my Skinny Minnies shakes I drink everyday.

Link to Skinny Minnies

That is all from me.

Let me know what you like doing to keep fit?!

Remember its not about the number you see on the weighing scale or the size pants you wear, its about feeling happy in the body you are in!

Love Kayli xox 

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