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Nutriband 100% Irish owned and designed



Hi guys :) 

As promised writing the post about this company called Nutriband. 

Come and read more about them and their products.

 Link to their website:

 I came across this brand on the Bikini Brawn Facebook page, they have their own Blog which is amazing and I recommend you go and follow. All about fitness, leave links as usual.


 They had a giveaway to win some, and I participated.The company seen I entered and asked if I would like to try it for myself, so they sent me some. Again thank you very much, delighted I got the opportunity too.


As always I am not paid by the company, this time I was sent these products. My views are honest and based on my own experience.

What are they?

These are vitamin patches which you may apply to your body. They are described by the company as:

"Nutriband products are on the cutting edge of scientific research to meet the nutritional needs of our customers.
 If you are looking for a long lasting, slow release vitamin patch or just a simple clean alernative to supplements pills, look no further than Nutriband’s range of transdermal patches including a vitamin patch, energy boosting patch and post exercise recovery patch."

What I like about them?

I like that it is a change from your common everyday pills. I take enough supplement pills, and it is always a struggle for me to take them. I am sure many people out there don't like taking pills for various reasons. 

They are quick and easy, great for people on the go. As their phrase suggests you simple "Peel, Patch and Perform". 

I also like that it is an Irish brand. #buyirish

What is the idea behind them?

Directly from the website: 

"Nutriband is a unique performance driven supplement company.  

Our products are on the cusp of supplement innovation.  

Nutriband transdermal patches are designed on the principle that nutrients can be absorbed not only orally but through the skin as well.

 The medical industry has used this principle for many years with many people receiving angina medication, hormone replacement and also nicotine therapy through the use of transdermal patches.

The delivery of nutrients through a patch means that they never have to come in contact with the harsh conditions of the stomach before being absorbed into the blood stream."

Their products

They currently have three types of patches, they just look like plasters. You have a red one, blue and yellow. 

Where do they go?

They can physically put anywhere on the body, they recommend areas with good blood flow such as thigh, torso and wrist. 
That is one thing not written on the box is recommended areas where you could place them. 

NRG Band  

Described by the company:

"This is an energy boosting patch with the sole purpose of energy production and increasing physical and mental performance.

This is rich in nutrients to help prolong maximum performance output while doing physical activity and also boost mental ability for extended periods of time.

Rather than taking alternatives and getting a spike and a ‘slump’ period, this patch can last up to 5 hours keeping you at maintained steady levels of energy production."

Did I see an effect?

I applied this about an hour before I went to the gym. During my session I felt more energetic and not as tired. Mentally I felt stronger like I could do more and do more reps than I usually would.

                                                                         Amino Band

Described by the company:

" This is a post exercise recovery patch designed to reduce recovery time in people who are/have been competing in a sporting activity. 

This recovery patch is rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids that are scientifically proven to help muscles recover from strenuous physical activity.

This product can be used after training or even as an intraworkout product to help your body start its recovery process as soon as you start training."

Did I see an effect?

I applied this one before my gym session instead of the red patch. I was not as sore as I usually was after a session. At the gym I tend to lift weights and my arms are sore and stiff after a session, but this wasn't the case while I wore the patch. Amazing, really like the blue patch one.

                                                                          Vit Band

Described by the company:

"This is a vitamin supplement patch that is packed with immune boosting multivitamins.

The patch is designed to release these vitamins slowly, maintaining prolonged benefits.

This product is also completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. This is best used in the morning to keep your immune system functioning for a high level for your busy day ahead." 

Did I see an effect?

No, this patch did not make me feel any different, it is just absorbed by the body and just helps you have a healthy immune system. The benefits are prolonged. 

How much do they cost? 

Each box costs €34.99, they can be purchased online and they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Each box contains 30 patches. 

Payment done with PayPal.

Hope you found this post interesting and that you will check this company out.

I think this is a very unique product, and for all your fitness fanatics is a must to try out. 

Talk soon,

Kayli xox

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