Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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Bulk Powders

                                   Performance Delivered - come and read about them...


Hi guys :)

Today I want to bring to your attention this company which I love. I came across it by chance one day and bought some essentials now that I am hitting the gym more often. 

Great for people based in Ireland like me, as in my local town their no great places to buy fitness supplements, the only place is very dear.


I was not asked buy the company to talk about their products. Everything I write is my personal opinion.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BulkPowdersIE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bulkpowders_ie

About the company 

" At BULK POWDERS™ we stock a wide range of high quality bodybuilding supplements at unbeatable prices.

Whether your aim is to add muscle whilst simultaneously reducing body fat, or whether it is to become an out and out muscle mass monster – we have supplements for every goal.

Our selection of bodybuilding supplements have been conveniently categorised to help you to understand what products are best suited to achieving your goals.

Whether it is protein shakes, creatine, amino acids or weight gainers you are looking for – BULK POWDERS™ has it all and simply will not be beaten on price, quality or service"

 What I love about this company

For first time buyers you get a 10% discount which is great. Delivery for Ireland is €4.95 with DPD 2 day delivery, which is not expensive at all, I paid higher shipping before.

They also have Bulk Rewards which is just like having a rewards card, you earn points to then use as cash equivalent on your order. I now have €0.48 I can use to take off my next order (every little helps).

They also have great customer support, I had a questions and they responded right away and were very helpful. 

"BULK REWARDS™ are our way of saying “thank you” for your custom. Quite simply – every time you shop with BULK POWDERS™ you accumulate BULK REWARDS™ Points on your purchases. These points can either be redeemed as a discount against your next order, or, can be saved up over time so that your entire order is paid for using BULK REWARDS™ Points!" (Direct from website)

"There are many reasons to shop at BULK POWDERS™, but we think these are the most important:
  • The absolute highest quality supplements at the lowest prices in Europe
  • Free delivery to Ireland on all orders over €75
  • Award winning customer service & “Excellent” Trust Pilot score
  • BULK REWARD POINTS on every order – worth €0.02 per €1.00
All of the above explains why we’re one of Europe's fastest growing direct-only sports nutrition companies."

What I purchased

I got a few things, all in small quantities and at great price. Really cannot be beaten on price.

Instant BCAA 

I got BCAA powder from their "Pure series" for €7.99 for 100g in tropical flavor.

This product allows a faster recovery between training sessions and reduces muscles soreness.

It is a drink that can be post/pre or during workout; simply mix with water. 

Really tastes nice and comes in other flavors.

                                                     (What it looks like mixed with water)

Pure Whey Protein and Complete Protein Blend
(Got these as sample with my first order) 

The pure whey protein I got mine in vanilla (sample size 30g to make one shake)
They start from €9.99 and come in MANY flavors. 

Tasted amazing I most say. 

The complete protein blend I got in chocolate flavor, I did not try it yet. 
This one starts from €14.99 and many flavors to chose from.

As a result I bought the Peaches and Cream protein flavor of the Pure series.

Tri-creatine malate

Got Tri-creatine malate for €4.99 at 100g. 
This is great for recovery, post workout. 
This product has a range of performance enhancing benefits such as allowing you to perform longer and harder

Flaxseed powder

 Got this for €3.99 for 100g. 
It has a wide range of benefits such as improved joint health, better skin condition, improved digestion and much more. 
It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. 
Can simply be added to your shake. 

Complete pre-workout Gels

These are the most convenient gel format supercharge you can take before you work out.
They are very hand and easy to carry, can keep you in your gym bag for when you need it. 
Take it 30 mins before you workout. 
 "BULK POWDERS™ Complete Pre-Workout™, one of our best-selling pre-workout powders, proved so popular that we decided to offer it in this convenient gel format. In fact, no other company has been able to devise a pre-workout gel that contains this amount of active ingredients."
I got mine for €14.99 a box of 12, mango flavor. Also comes in lemon and lime. They are currently doing on their website an offer to try one. 

Just use code "pregel1" for mango flavor or "pregel2" for lemon and lime, great way to try it before you buy it.

What did I think about them?

I love mango, so the flavor is true to what they say. I did not get a chance to try the lemon and lime one. When I tasted it, I must admit it is very sweet for my liking, I took it anyway and hit the gym. Was full of energy and buzzing from it. I think people who do not mind sweet product will love this!

Will I purchase from them again?

Yes, I have already made two orders with them. Great delivery service with DPD for about only €5.99, which is great value. They have an Irish website and UK one too.

I recommend anyone based in Ireland to check their website, especially fitness people who need to take various supplements. They cannot be beaten on price. 

Thank you for reading my post,
feel free to leave me a comment!

Till my next post,
Love Kayli xox


  1. I want to buy supplements from reliable and cheap online store. If you know from where I get it, please help!!

    1. Hi Derine,

      Thank you for your comment! I am not sure where you are based but I will give you websites that I know will ship to Ireland :)

      Bodyfirst Nutrition is one of them, they have a store and online shop; great prices always trying to keep cost low and pass on saving to customers (Link: http://bodyfirst.ie/)

      Skinny Minnies Supplements is based in the UK but will ship to Ireland for £7.50 and is where I get most of my supplements (Link: http://skinnyminniessupplements.co.uk/) If you have a look at some of my posts about them you can get to know them a bit better!!

      Bulk Powders, which you have commented under is great also, they have an Irish website as a UK one, great prices and they stock a lot of supplements!

      and finally I would also recommend Titan Nutrition (Link: http://titan-nutrition.ie/shop1/) they all have Facebook pages and online help if you are unsure about the products.

      Hope this helped :) talk soon! xox