Monday, 28 October 2013

My inspirations: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato 

Today I want to talk about Demi Lovato an inspiration to me, I girl whose career started on the TV series Barney and friends, which i use to watch when I was little. 

Where do I start I find Demi Lovato is a beautiful girl and amazing singer and talented song writer. 

I look up to her. I can relate to Demi because of her story and especially her songs. 

I am sure many of you know the story about Demi and the struggles she faced. I admire her courage and strength. She has a constant reminder to keep her focused on this journey  her famous tattoo  "stay strong", which many of her fans also got tattooed.

I also love the way she changes hair colour depending on her mood I presume, and is not ashamed of who she is. She publicly told us that she respects everybody "GLT" community ( Gay lesbian transsexual). I watched an interview about her on Youtube, and at one of her concerts, she was feeling down.Before the concert started she meet some of her fans and one of them was a young girl, if i remember correctly she was suffering with cancer (hope its true, but something like that) and found strength trough Demi's songs. The concert started, and for one song Demi invited that girl to join her while she sang the song. I was really touched, I love singers who give back to their fans. After all they would be nothing without their fans.

She communicates to her fans by her music one of my favourite songs has to be skyscraper. It is a very powerful and meaningful song, which many people can relate to. I feel she opens up in this song and shows us who she really is, without the makeup and glamour. 

"You can take everything I have you can break everything I am like I made of glass like I made of paper go on and try to tear me down I would be rising from the ground like a skyscraper that can skyscraper" 

Wow amazing! I also love the song heart attack. 

"You make me glow, but I cover up, won't let it show,so I'm putting my defences up cause I don't want to fall in love, if I ever did – I think I have a heart attack" 

Here are some pictures of her and her friends, also in the same line of business i.e. music.  

I also wanted to show you some photos of her many hair colours. Currently her hair is a Marine green blue, which I really like. Her hair has been from pink to blond, crazy but beautiful.

I think her style is very unique, she can be glamorous one day and the next unique and rocking rolling. Here are some photos i found of her outfits. 

Do you like Demi? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to know what you think!

I would like to write about an Italian gymnastic called Carlotta Ferlito, do you know her? Very excited hope ye like it! 


Prossimo post ragazze parler√≤ della bellissima Carlotta Ferlito, che ne dite? Non vedo l'ora?! 


Hope you liked this post, just my thoughts on people and their style! Would like to do some Polyvore creations on people's style i like! Might post the pictures/creations here to show you! 

Find loads of pictures on my Instgram @mollygabri10 :) follow me!!

bye xx

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