Sunday, 22 September 2013

Review UrbanDecay Naked2

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Said i would write a post today in English! I have been loving writing them in italian lately but I want to approach a bigger audience like Evan said ( my boyfriend ) 

Today I bring you a REVIEW makeup one. Hope you like this. 

I am all about make up and fashion, bags and all that... 

I want to review the NAKED 2 make up palette by Urban Decay 

This was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas, so i have it a long while now! There was such a big hype over the Naked palettes and i see why. 

Still today people who don't have them want them. I chose the Naked 2 over the 1 because the colours in the Naked 2 i liked more, i said i would use them more! Plus the packaging improved drastically compared to Naked 1. 

The quality of the eyeshadows are amazing, the would even "pop" more on the eyes if you used a primer! They are the perfect "naked" colours, neutral colours that create and complete a look! A day to night palette! 

Are you unsure about buying it??? 

Go get it!! If you don't own a palette from Urban Decay i would definitely recommend the Naked. Compared to other ones. 

Naked one or two??? 

That comes down to personal taste! I personally like the colours in Naked 2, very natural easy to use, not too many "gold" toned eyeshadows! I find the Naked 1 too shimmery. 


I would give it 4 STARS out of 5 

Value for your money?? 

Of course you are paying for the band Urban Decay, and they have earned their status among makeup brands! Today you can get it for around €40 $50. I think it is worth your money, you are getting 12 beautiful eyeshadows +brush. 

Hope you liked it! 

Please leave me a comment! Did you like it? What would you like the next post to be? 

Love Kayli xx 

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