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- August Favorites -

My August Favorites 

Come and see what I loved for the month of August 

Hi you guys, 

Today I wanted to share the products I have been loving for the month of August, which I have repeatedly reaching for and using. Hard to believe it's September already, and sadly I won't be heading back to college as I have finally finished my course. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but more time to blog definitely.

Garnier  Micellar Water Buy Here

To kick this off I will start talking about skin care products I have been using and loving. The first one is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. I raved about this on my Instagram page (@mollygabri10) I have been using it for 3 months now I would say. I use it to take off my makeup, before I would use cotton pads and baby cream to take it off (which is still great and very inexpensive option) but loads on social media talked about this products so I just had to try it and wow I am happy I did. This is all I use to take ALL my makeup off (with a big cotton pads, a pack for €2 from Penny's) and any makeup mistake or anything on my skin I need to wipe off. I have super sensitive skin and this did not brake me out or hurt my eyes, simply melts makeup off. Penny's currently stock it and at a crazy price for like €4.95 brilliant and it lasts a really long time too, bottle says over 200 uses. 

Vasaline Spray & Go Buy Here

Next product is Vasaline spray and go body moisturiser, I picked this up about a month ago and actually bought a new bottle to have (as it was on offer) and can't get enough of it. If there is one thing I hate it's body cream, I think I just don't like the feel and effort of putting it all over my body, just prefer when others do it for me ha ha. This has a continuous spray and is non greasy, and as it says it's "spray and go" and it really is, it's prefect for me, I spray it and barley have to rub it in my skin and get great moisture from it. The one I have is in cocoa radiant, I believe there is a green and yellow can too, I particularly liked this one so bought the same one, maybe next time time I'll try the other two. I bought this for I think less than €5, again very affordable. 

Real Techniques Brushes Buy Here

Next product is this stippling brush by Real Techniques. I have many brushes by this brand and love every single one of them, if you are looking for affordable makeup brushes that are of great quality, these are the ones. This particular one I use to apply my foundation; now I need to mention I have tried many brushes for my foundation (your typical foundation flat brush) but this is the only one that has worked for me. It applies the foundation without leaving any brush strokes, and that's what I always hated. I think I bought this for about €13 ( I buy them from Shaws and they are always on offer).

Perversion Mascara Buy Here

Next is the perversion mascara by Urban Decay, I have this in a travel size and their primer too (the one in the while tube).
It is highly pigmented, the perfect black mascara. The brush size and shape is great, just give your lashes that full effect while separating each lash. It's slightly runny, in the sense that you wouldn't want to sneeze or touch it once you applied it ha ha ha as you will become a panda. I'm not mad about the primer but it came with it as an offer at that time. It's a great mascara, ended up buying one for my mam too. I'm usually not fussy about mascaras, I don't have long lashes so it's hard for me to find the perfect one that will create something impossible for my lashes ha ha. 

Mac Eye shadows Buy Here

I have to mention this beautiful Mac eye-shadow in the colour "naked lunch", a beautiful champain rose colour,this was one of the first Mac eye-shadows I purchased, it's the perfect highlight colour, and in fact I love it for under the brow bone, along the bridge of my nose, on my cupid's bow ect. The use is endless. I bought it in the pan format to place in my palette. This is great for anyone's starter kit. And its not an "in your face" colour, it's pretty light and soft on the face. 

Naked Blush Palette Buy Here

I must say I have mentioned a lot of Urban Decay products, but honestly I love them, great quality, slightly more expensive than "drugstore" make-up, but worth it. The next item is their Naked blush palette; the one I have is in the colour "streak". It consists of a bronzer,highlighter and blush; it's ideal for on the go or when traveling. The bronzer is slightly glittery, so I don't use it all over my face but use it as a blush and it's beautiful. The highlighter is beautiful, like the naked lunch eye-shadow I mentioned ha ha. I have hit the pan with this product and will definitely buy another one, maybe in the colour "strip", I'm loving dark/nude/naked colours. 

Make-up Setting Spray Buy Here

The last product is this all nighter setting spray (I actually got two for the price of one, during Christmas time, make sure to look out during the holidays for great offers by Urban Decay) I think my boyfriend actually got me this, thy do an oil control one, which I would like to try but this is just as good. I like to apply it all over my face before my foundation, after it and after I applied all my make-up and of course for touch-ups. I also use the Mac Fix plus (used it for years now) and it's just as good. 

Well that is all for my august favorites, hope you enjoyed it.
Make sure to leave me a comment for any more queries on the products I have mentioned.

Talk soon xox 

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