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Inglot Ireland - Haul + Look

Inglot Ireland

First haul

Hi you guys,

today I wanted to share my beautiful goodies I got from Inglot while I was up visiting Dublin. I must mention, this is my first time trying their products, i seen a lot about them; many bloggers talking about them and when I seen the store in Dublin I just had to go in.

My store experience

The music was pumping ha ha ha there was three girls, two busy doing makeovers and then the other girl was serving customers. She was very helpful and gave me full attention and time to all my questions and helping me with colors. It was intimidating at first seen all the products, especially the eye shadows and blushes all on show. I personally think it is pretty the way its done, but i wasn't sure how they were sold, like in a container or just in the magnet case. But i will show you pictures below so you will understand what i mean. I visited the store in Dublin in Grafton Street and then the stand in Jarvis Center.

What I bought at a glance

Here i just wanted to show you what I got, I then visited the stand in Jarvis Center as I wanted to complete my four blush palette and of course ended up piking up more ha ha.

In detail

When I was in the store the girl gave me a magnetized palette to place the eye-shadows and blushes I wanted to buy and then later put in a palette. For blushes I picked out the following :

From the top one to bottom one you have the following colourings:

no.51 this has a slight glitter to it, deep  but light brown colour
no.507 I believe this is part of the face contour range and in fact its the perfect brown for me to use to contour my face, its deep brown colour and no shimmer
no.506 is AGAIN a brown toned colour no surprise ha ha its a very soft light brown perfect blush for the summer time
no.20 is a beautiful soft pink, slight purple tones in it

Blush Review 

I personally think the palette i created is beautiful but of course all the colours I like ha ha. Brilliant quality, I cant fault them at all. And for the price €9 as a "refile"or "freedom" which can then be popped into a palette, I will talk about the freedom system below. This particular palette which holds four costs €12.

Below are some swatches I took with day light.


Here are the three eye-shadows I picked up. I only picked up the ones that caught my eye, if I had  more time I would of had a better looked and maybe picked up more but I definitely will be buying more ha ha 

The colours I picked out from the top are as follows:

no.356 is a beautiful off pink slightly white and brown tones in it, great as a base all over colour
no.383 is a beautiful orange, i picked this colour as one of my friends uses an orange tones eye-shadow and she would have the same colour hair and eyes and just looked beautiful so I decided to pick this one, super pretty and this  is also a matte colour 
no.457 is a shimmery brown colour 

This was the eye look I created using the eye-shadows below I will give full details of what I used to achieve this look. 

The eye-shadows cost €6 on their own and the palette was €8 which fits three of them. 

Freedom System 

So I just wanted to write about the freedom system Inglot offer, this is such a great idea compared to other companies, something unique which allows them to stand out. So Inglot provide beautiful eye-shadows, blushes, face powders all in powder and cream format in magnetic pot, which you can buy on their own and then carry in beautiful palettes like the ones I bought. They have many different sizes; ones with mirrors, brushes ect. So you can create a custom palette. Below are pictures of what they look like, here is the pink blush all wrapped up in hard plastic, once you cut it open you can pop it into the palette you have chosen.

I also wanted to mention, a problem I had when I wanted to take them out and see what colours I had picked up to tell you guys. of course with any problem I have I turn to the internet ha ha and searched on how to take them out from the palette, I seen many videos of girls using the palettes cover to lift them out, sadly it just didn't work for me, eventually I got them out, with aggressive force ha ha but smartly decided to write their numbers at the back of the palette with my silver sharpie, saves you the hassle in trying to take them out to figure out the colour, just handy to know what colours you have in your collection.

All about them brows 

So the next product I bought is their brow gel (retails at €16)  which I wanted to pick up in the store but couldn't see it, Luckily when I visited the stand they had a display for them. The girl suggested the colour in no.16, which she was wearing and was beautiful on her. Now I have always used my HD Brows palette in "vamp", which I absolutely love and that product is a powder format, this is a gel product. Below I also show a picture of me wearing it, with no make-up just wanted to try it right away, see could I work with it, and wow, it is super easy to use. 

Kylie Jenner Lippies 

Next product that caught my eye were these lip pencils (retails at €13) , they are in a plastic roll up packaging. I wanted the colour no.17 but didn't have it, so the girl suggested no.16, one of their popular colours she said and I see why. It's the perfect "Kylie" inspired colour. It's a matte pink/nude colour, slightly drying on the lips, great if you just wanted to line the lips but not for all over as I am doing, but can easily apply a clear gloss over it. 

Finally have a brush holder 

I finally got a brush holder, I have been admiring a case like this for ages, think I seen Sigma selling them first. This cost me €35, also comes in black, of course I had to go with pink (for someone who don't likes pink, i buy a lot of pink). They are super handy for traveling, as before I would carry them with my make-up and everything got dirty and damaged.

To top it all off 

I splashed out and got their bag, because you can't have enough bags. I got this at the stand (none on display in the store) this was €38. Has a bright orange lining, and a zip all around it, very cute details on it. I have my eye now on their cases, which are all back in stock. Will leave links at end as always for you guys.

Get the look 

Just wanted to share this look I created :)


- used Urban Decay primer all over the lid (anti-aging one) 
- applied no.356 all over the lid, and especially in the inner corner
- then i applied no.457 in the outer corner and socket 
- to finish the look I applied no.383 in the middle section, and under the eye too
- used UD eye-shadow in Bobby Dazzle from Vice palette for tear duct 
- applied Penny's fake eyelashes in Sultry with duo eyelash glue 
- for my brows used no.16 brow gel with the brush I previously showed above


- used Mac Face & Body in C3 and applied it with Real Techniques stippling brush 
- concealer Mac mineralize in NC25, applied with Clair's mini beauty blender 
- all set with Mac prep+prime transparent finishing powder 
- blush no. 506 

Thank you guys, talk soon xoxo 


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