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My Skinny Minnie journey - one year together

Skinny Minnies Supplements

Find out what I think about their products

Hi you guys, 

today I wanted to share my journey with Skinny Minnies, which have become part of my daily routine. 

This might also help anyone unsure on the products, maybe not knowing with what to start off with? or just have a read of my review!!


I just wanted to point out, I am not being paid to write this blog post. They are my own thoughts and opinions. I am in NO way shape or form a nutritionist or specialist. This is what has been working for me and my body time. 

Link to their website:

This is how I looked at the start of my journey. I started taking their products on the 7th January 2014.     For the new year :) 

I am celebrating ONE YEAR this year 2015 with them! 


As you can see Skinny Minnies not only have weight loss and supplements for sale but slowly developing fab gym wear :) 

Here I am sporting my onesie :) Hunter likes it too ha ha ha

I did my charity run in their sports bra, my favorite one to wear! 

Where to start?! 

If you are unsure what product to start off with, this is what I first got: 

They have great bundles, I got option 4 for £20 which includes 14 meal times and 1 shaker 

 Here is my shaker which I have with me everyday as it handy to keep water in too while im in college :)

Below is their meal times, which come in 16 fab flavors 

they can be bought on their own too for only £1.20 :O 

My favorite flavors are mocha, cappuccino, banana, vanilla and chocolate bunny !!  all yummy. 

I think the best idea is to look at all their bundles and pick one which has meal time and shaker included. 

I also use their supplements. The two I swear by are Boost & Burn and Slim Down (their best seller)

Slim Down

"SLIM DOWN is a natural weight-loss aid designed to suppress appetite. Each pack contains 1 months’ supply and can help reduce your calorie intake by up to 1000 calories with little effort.
  • Reduces the Impulse of Hunger
  • Helps Burn Calories more Effectively
  • Used in Combination with BOOST & BURN Delivers Amazing Results" 

I take about two a day, I find they really work. Always have them in my bag for £20 pounds they are amazing.

Boost & Burn

"BOOST & BURN contain an advanced formula designed to both aid weight-loss by effectively raising rates of metabolism and provide explosive energy levels to power you through those all-important gym sessions.

  • Support Weight Loss  
  • Support Training
  • Give Explosive Energy Levels" 

I LOVE these guys, always have them with me, and always in my gym bag. Great for me as I am super busy with college work and gym. They are a must for me and for £20 only too!!

As you can see my kitchen is full of Skinny Minnies, I have a whole section with all my goodies. It becomes an addiction. 

As I am very sporty and train a lot, I do be tired and sore after a long day, nothing says good night better than the ZMA supplements by Skinny Minnies 


"Effectively recovering from a workout is just as important at the workout itself and our ZMA is specifically formulated to aid recovery. Each pack contains 2 months’ supply to enhance sleep quality and support muscle tissue repair.
  • Stimulates the Growth of Muscle Tissue
  • Helps Recovery After Exercise
  • Improves Sleep Pattern" 

Other products I love 

Super Charge is great for people going to the gym, a yummy tasting pre-workout drink. Everyone who goes to the gym will know how hard it is to find a good pre-workout drink. The one I love comes in blackcurrant flavor. 

Super Charge

"For when you want to truly maximise your workout you’ll need our 1 Month’s supply of SUPER CHARGE by your side. The formula is scientifically developed to support Nitric Oxide production to deliver vital nutrients to your muscles.

  • The Ultimate Boost for your Workout
  • Offers Greater Training Capacity
  • Helps you Maximize your Workout"

Multivitamins ans Minerals 

"MULTI VITAMINS are a full spectrum immune support supplement to aid and enhance overall wellbeing. Each pack contains 2-4 months’ supply and optimises energy release and contributes to a healthy metabolism.

  • Contains a Full Spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Balanced Ratio of all your Body’s requirements
  • Supports your Body to Repair After Exercise" 

They are just great to have on a daily basis, especially great for people who struggle to get their vital vitamins in their diet these are a must and only £4.50.

My cute Skinny Minnies tote <3 

Want to say thank you to Hannah (owner of Skinny Minnies) who helped me on my amazing journey and still to this day. 

To many more fabulous years together!!

Follow them on their social media pages. Great giveaways and deals always going on!! 


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