Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hair piece from Bronzed Glamour

Bronzed Glamour 

Online Womens Fashion Boutique 

 Hi guys,

going to talk about this beautiful hair piece I bought from this online shop called 
Bronzed Glamour!

They also have a shop called Dollywood boutique in Middlesbrough.

Want to find out more? Read on...


I bought this product myself; I was not paid to write this post. Pictures apart from the ones I am in DO NOT belong to me but are the property of Bronzed Glamour. 

 What is it?

 Bought this beautiful hair piece online as I mentioned. I will leave links down below :) 

It is a synthetic hair piece, which means it is pre-styled and can NOT be styled, i.e straightened or curled. 

You place it on top of your own hair (have your hair in a bun first and your fridge side piece out, for it to blend into the hair piece) in the crown area and secure it in place. 

I never had a hair piece like this before, I only ever had real human hair clip in extensions, which are very popular. 

How much does it cost?

The website allows you to change to your preferred currency. In euro this cost me €22.34, it is £20 pounds. 

I think its a very good price, as it is great quality. 


Can't forget about shipping costs. They do International shipping, i.e to Ireland it cost me £15 pounds (€18) 

Which I find expensive, as its not international, it only had to come over to Ireland from the UK. 
It would be different if you lived in Germany or the States. Anyhow that is my personal opinion. 


The hair piece came in this box, for hygienic purposes you CAN NOT return hair pieces.

It simple enough. Had a hair net over the hair piece and just a tag with the colour of it. Nothing more.


It is important that you are happy with the colour you choose and that you feel it would be a good match, as you CAN NOT return it. 

I got mine is #6 light brown

I do not know would I call my hair "light" I find my natural hair colour dark, but this matched great for me. It says light but its not as light as you would think.

The pictures they show are a very good representation of the colour their truly are. 

Of course it would be best if you visited the shop to get matched up. Which they do provide help with.

First Impressions

Picture of me with the hair piece and of course my Skinny Minnie :)

At first it felt heavy on the hair, but it was just because I was not use to having it on my head. It has been a while since I wore hair pieces. 

I LOVED it as soon as I put it on, I felt glamorous! hehe :) 

Great for all you girls who love having big hair on night outs. 

Here is all the hair pieces they sells and the huge colour range they stock and also they have Fab ponytails and clip in extensions. To suit everybody taste.


is what the hair piece looked like when I opened the box. Took these pictures in day light. 

The second pic beside is where you place your own hair in a bun and the grip to hold it in place, I would recommend bobby pins for extra security.

 Added feature

The cool thing about this hair piece is that it is REVERSIBLE, meaning that you can have a "smooth" hair look or a "flicky" hair style and you achieve this but turning the wig upside down. 

Check out their Instagram page to see the video of them showing how to place it and how it works :) Links below!!! 

They sell more!!

Their online shop also sells fabulous dresses, tops, jeans, coats, jewelry and much more. 

Go and visit... 

Hope you liked this post and that it was of help if you are thinking of buying one. 

please leave me a comment if you have any questions

and feel free to ask the girls on their various social media

links below

Talk soon, love Kayli xox



Happy shopping xox


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  2. I know you posted this ages ago but I have been looking at the heair pieces on their website for a few days now and your blog post has massively helped!! I am going to be ordering mines this morning!! thanks for your help!! <3 :)

    1. Hi :)

      Thank you for your comment, made me happy to see it! Delighted it was useful. Did you pick one?

      Was delighted with this hair piece :) xx

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