Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Look Book River Island no.1

Hi y'all :) how are ye? 

So this is my first collection of look books :) hope you like the idea, a comment would be great!!! Thank you :) 

River Island look book 1 

So i have been browsing in River Island, and coming up with different looks! 

The whole point of these post entries is that you get "inspired" from what i put together but gives you the chance to also buy the items if you have the money, or buy similar items! 

No.1 look for River Island 

I came up with this complete look! Very "posh" but "casual" and the same time! I am no fashion designer, its just what I think is nice together! 

I put a white top with a coral blazer, very holiday style, with high waisted leggings! 

I was very undecided about shoes but i chose these dolly shoes in tan with a tan bag to match! 

For accessories, i didnt want to add much just a statment watch, i love these watches so pretty! 

I like this type of look, very cute and girly, just for going into town or cinema! 

Hope you like it, i have the prices there too and all available on the River Island site :) 

Talk soon girlies, let me know what you think!!! And what SHOP i should look at next??????!!! 

Bye love Kayli xxxx 

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