Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Collage look + idea

Morning everyone :) 

How are you? What have you planned for today? I am currently in collage, waiting for my Europen Union class to start, exciting stuff!!! 

I am already tired and the day didnt start! Do you guys ever fell like that?! I just dont want the day to start! Anyway here is what I am wearing today :) 

These woollen leggings, from Penneys. My jumper if from there too. My shoes i got them from Italy, i love them, so comfy and cute! Hope you like it! 

Oh i am thinking to do a "look book" collection called "what money could buy" on which i come up with looks with clothes that i dont have or maybe do, which i find on different websites and put together for you!!      What you think?

Love you guys, talk soon,
Kayli xx 

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